Discover the charm of Savannah as you visit historic monuments, enjoy a concert of Johnny Mercer’s music, try your hand at southern cooking and uncover this grand city’s roots.
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Savanah is an intersting, great city to explore with Road Scholar. The squares are an interesting, charming aspect of this town.Check it out !


This program provides an excellent overview of Savannah's history and culture. I especially enjoyed the concert of Johnny Mercer's songs and the southern cooking class (and meal). For your free afternoon, I recommend taking a tour of Bonaventure cemetery.


Great experience. If only the weather had been warmer.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

This is a great trip for those who are seeing Savannah for the first time. Its a good blend of history, music and food. The location of the hotel is perfect for walking around the historic city during your free time. would suggest you plan ahead of time for the free time, as reservations at the popular sites are booked well ahead of time. November is a perfect time for weather and low crowds. Great trip to see a city for the first time!

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

The trip exceeded most of our expectations. The hotel was very well located and the beds very comfortable. However, the hotel did not have many amenities and the service was not what you would expect for its rating. Breakfast at the hotel was fine but the lunches and dinner in the meeting room were mediocre. Our guide was friendly, informative and very helpful. She deserves a 5* rating. Guest lecturers were excellent. The only segment that wasn't quite as good as others was the "Strong Women" program. I really enjoyed the Johnny Mercer music band but felt that the singer tended to be the 'star' when the real focus should have been was the music itself. Perhaps it was the small room that contributed to an intimate environment that created this impression. I thought the cooking class would be a marginal use of time but the chef was knowledgeable, communicated very well and also entertaining The dinner at Vic's was top notch and the lunch at Gryfon's very good but the dinner at Billy's Place was a disappointment. All things considered, however, I would definitely recommend this trip to friends.


Visiting Savannah was something my husband and I had wanted to do for some time. The program gave us a wonderful picture of the history, culture, music and food. We kept busy without being overtaxed. Our location was such that we could easily walk the historical district and we took full advantage of that detail.


We absolutely loved our 2nd Road Scholar program in Savannah. We loved it so much in 2013 we decided to return. I was different in some ways and much the same in others. All was enjoyable. Savannah is a beautiful city and Larry helped us explore and enjoy it's beauty as he sees his "hometown."


The survey seemed to be too long at first, but by the end I decided it was a good one that it provided a reasonable opportunity to provide accurate feedback; and I was glad to do it because I enjoyed this program so very much.


I am a firsr time traveller with Roads Scholar, and uncertain as to whether the descriptions were accurate or enhanced. My expectations have been exceeded. Great hotel in perfect location, talented and informative tour guide and events that perfectly matched the description. I will be back and bring friends !


Loved, loved it! The age range of participants was just right--all seniors, but none unable to participate physically or intellucatually.


I just returned from my first Road Scholar trip to Savannah, GA and had such a great time! The program was a great mix of lectures, field trips, hands on experience, and free time. Our group leader, Joyce, was outstanding and our group of 21 all got along so well - everyone was friendly, interesting, and engaged. I would highly recommend giving Road Scholar a try if you haven't yet. I hope to travel with them again in the future.


This program is simply excellent in every way! The experience exceeded my expectations in so many ways and I had so much fun while also learning a lot about Savannah and her people.


The program was excellent. I wish to give my thanks for having Larry Smith as our leader. He was GREAT! The participants in the program were the nicest people I have ever met on a tour. We all were friends by the end of the trip. This was a most pleasing way to spend a week in beautiful Savannah!


Very interesting place to visit if interested in learning how multigenerational wealth has been created and is exclusive to a small minority of the US population!


Having wanted to visit Savannah for a long time, it seemed the best way to get to know the city was through a Road Scholar program as we were able to delve into the history, walk the squares with locals and learn from educators about the history of this vibrant city. We experienced wonderful meals, great entertainment and fellowship with other lifelong learners. Highly recommend.

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