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Ancient Puebloans: Mesas, Monuments, Canyons and More

Delve into the history of the Ancestral Puebloans as you learn about prehistoric villages, explore the region’s National Parks and visit important sites with a local expert.
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It was an experience of a lifetime.


The Ancient Puebloans trip was outstanding. The two guides were knowledgeable, friendly and approachable, the itinerary exactly as described in the program, the lodging and food excellent. It majorly increased my understanding of the archeology and geology of the area, and of a people whose culture and traditions live on in the great SW. Overall, this is trip gets a glowing 10


this is a great trip. Start you exercise routine, now!


"Ancient Puebloans: Mesas, Monuments, Canyons, and More" is an inspirational journey. Our trip took us far back in time to see, to sense, to appreciate, and to begin to try to understand the lives of our continent's earliest people. By visiting the sites where they lived and the homes they built, with extraordinary guides, I believe that my sense of historical, cultural, and astronomical possibilities has been expanded profoundly.


This program - "Puebloans" - was truly remarkable for its organization and selection of sites to visit. Equally important - I think - the quality of our assigned Program Leader, Daniel Gibson, and our Instructor, Richard Friedman, SIGNIFICANTLY enhanced my experience. Everything about this program rated an A+...thank you!


The Road Scholar program, Ancient Puebloans, was excellent in all respects: Expertise, congeniality, patience, & approach-ability of the Group Leaders; program organization, travel time, accommodations, meals, and quality of the cultural experiences. The scenery was spectacular. And there was a lot of it!

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

Trip was excellent. Outstanding leaders/instructors for the trip. Daniel and Rich were truly experts on the subject matter of the trip and made it a most interesting and enjoyable week. Great landscapes, history, cave dwellings, hotels, coach with 30 participants and food.


Excellent educational program to learn about the archaeology, history, and culture of the Indians who lived in the Four Corners region.


This program was by far the best of several that I have taken...highly recommended.


This trip really expanded my knowledge about the ancient puebloans,the messas, monuments, canyons, and more. The leaders of were very knowledgeable.


Excellent program with superb educational content and leadership


The program's value was unsurpassed. For the money spent, I received much knowledge, friendship from the participents and a wonderful way to spend 10 days!

Mary Jo

I learned alot about the area, its history and the people who once lived there. It is a very interesting and beautiful area. I would recommend the tour if you have an interest in learning and exploring the Southwest.

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