Experience the best of Philadelphia’s history and landmarks, as you explore this vibrant city with local experts who provide an insider’s look at its present and past.
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If you like history, architecture, and/or good food, this is a trip for you. The field trips included take you to the iconic Philadelphia sites. The lectures set you up for what you will see and experience. And the hotel is right in the midst of it all.


I have never been very interested in history but this program brought it to life for me. And Philadelphia has so much more to offer in architecture, art, food and museums. The hotel, meals and logistics were top notch. Tish Byrne was a fabulous Group Leader and is a real ambassador for Philadelphia.


Decent website. But as most Road Scholar participants are senior citizens, use a larger font -- say, Georgia 16 point.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

Good parts: hotel, restaurants, Ben Franklin character, destinations Bad Parts: Group leader spent too much time on architecture which didn't match description of program. It was missing a good background in local history. In one instance, bus pickup time was 30 minutes later than group leaders knew. Another instance, bus that picked us up at hotel was too small and some folks had to stand. We were rushed through the Liberty Bell exhibit. Too much time at the Constitution Center - 4 hours was at least 1 hour too much. A lot of confusion the last day - we were not told that the group leader was replaced. If this was my first program with Road Scholar, I don't think I would take another one.


Incredible program! Learned so much about Philadelphia and the founding of our country.


superbly prepared and administered. exceeded expectations. plan to participate again.


This was our first Road Scholar trip and we loved it! Tish was a fabulous guide and we had such a great time with her and with the other “Road Scholars” in our group of 14. We have been to Philadelphia several times in the past, but it was just for a day or two at a time. This program really tied it all together for us...the history, art, architecture and culture of the city.


This lived up to all my expectations of a Road Scholar tour. And then some. Great hotel, food, lectures, organization and fun people. Mitch was an incredible guide.


The Signature City Tour of Philadelphia is packed with the early history of Philadelphia and it's influence on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the many "firsts" the city achieved along the way. The Museum of the American Revolution is one of the best I've been to -- enjoy!


Philadelphia was not on my list of places to visit but I am so glad I did. I learned so much and the city is wonderful. It was easy to get around, there were many wonderful places to dine, good museums and theaters and the history is vast. I would even return on my own just for a personal visit. Don't miss all the wonderful murals there.


This is a "must do" for American history buffs.


If you have never been to Philadelphia, take this trip. History comes alive and by understanding its origins, you are better to evaluate history today.


Signature Philadelphia was our first experience with Road Scholar and Trust me, it will not be our last!!!What a wonderful program and tour!!!

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

The hotel was comfortable and well located. The information was interesting and our coordinator and presenters were great. I enjoyed the dinners/lunches and appreciated some free time to explore and dine independently. The Philadelphia Symphony concert was really special both for the orchestra and beautiful hall. I liked the archeology and most of the refabricated historical landmarks.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

We enjoyed this trip very much. It was meaningful to be in the actual location where our country's most important history was made. Philadelphia is a great walking city with most everything that we wanted to see being within a reasonable distance. Mitchell, our tour leader, enhanced our enjoyment with his vast knowledge and "one-of-a-kind" Ben Franklin expertise.


We would encourage anyone who has never experienced the history & culture of Philadelphia to visit this great city!


This trip is a through introduction to the history of our country. There are many fascinating sites, from the new Museum of the American Revolution to the Constitution Center to Independence Hall to ben Franklin's print shop, to name only a few of my favorites. Our group was lucky enough o have Mitch Kramer, whose professional life centers around enacting the role of Ben Franklin fo various tours and events. Look him up online and be sure to look at the videos on his website. Mitch really made our trip memorable! Be aware, there is a LOT of walking on this trip. We were all wiped out at day's end. But the trip really should be on everyone's bucket list.


The Philadelphia historic district trip was a great learning and travel experience. I would highly recommend it if you have even a slight interest in discovering the challenges our founding fathers faced as the moved us towards independence from England.


The Philly program was excellent. Out instructor was a joy to be around. The museums, the sights and the food were excellent.You will learn so much about our great country and how difficult it was to make it happen. What a great 5 days.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

Was a great trip. The leaders did a wonderful job and every day was well planned.

This reviewer did not give a star rating.

So much history around every corner that I felt guilty that I had not been to Philadelphia before. Our guide was excellent, both as himself and as Ben Franklin. Our guest lecturer was a wealth of knowledge. We almost felt like we were there as these two guided us through the founding of our country. Having one afternoon and evening free was great since the Chinese Lantern Festival was in town. The ship my dad worked on for 17 years (SS United States) was in Philadelphia and I was able to get a glimpse of her as she sits waiting for someone to save her. It was great to see so many children in Philadelphia getting to see history in person rather then just in books.


This Road Scholar program provided experiences that increased my knowledge and understanding of the foundations of our democracy and how our Constitution is a work in progress. Knowledgable and caring leader guided us day by day through this educational and inspiring process.


This trip is designed by the Philadelphia Society For the Preservation of Landmards. Mitchell Kramer aka Benjamin Franklin is your guide. If you want to travel back in time and be guided about town by a passionate guide this is the trip for you. The lecures are excellent about the history of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, Nancy Webster is a walking encyclopedia. I did this trip back to back with City Walks: Exploring Philadelphia's Neighborhoods. Well worth the combination.


I never looked at the website - I relied entire on hard copy catalogues and the printed material you sent to me.


The Signature City Philadelphia Program is outstanding. Tish Byrne is an exemplary group leader. Nancy Webster and Mitchell, also known to us as Ben Franklin, were both wonderful and personable experts. Touring Christ Church, Elfreth’s Alley and the National Constitution Center, as well as attending the symphony were great experiences. Additionally, the group was great and the location, Club Quarters, was perfect. This was our ninth trip with Road Scholar and we highly recommend it. If you are planning to enroll in this program, stay on a few extra days and take in the museums. Polly and Dave Sobel of Richmond, Vermont.

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