Expedition Cruise Travel Guide

Travel Tips for Expedition Cruises


Your Fellow Passengers

The thrill of an expedition is made better by the people with whom you get to share your journey with. Even better, these people are equally adventurous and share your thirst for knowledge that will take them to the end of the world. But wait, there’s more. Road Scholar’s expedition cruises are staffed with experts in their field — historians, anthropologists, biologists, geologists, photographers and more — who are on board to offer their insight into the spectacular environments and the creatures that call it home. When you’re on an expedition cruise with Road Scholar, there will be opportunities for exclusive access to these onboard experts.


Go with the Flow

The expedition is all about the adventure. A rough itinerary sets the expectation but you never know what surprises await you in the upcoming days. You’ve come on board to experience the natural world at its finest and Mother Nature is unpredictable. Passengers may spot a pod of whales feeding in the distance so the captain will navigate closer to these beautiful creatures to see them participate in the circle of life. The purpose of the expedition is to experience the world around you in its most pristine and having trust in your expedition team will never disappoint.


A More Casual Experience

You won’t find fancy cocktail hours or much need for formal attire while in the midst of your expedition. During the day, guests dress comfortably for the destination, whether layering up with a parka in the Antarctic or a swimsuit and flip flops among the islands of the Galápagos or the Baja Peninsula. When it comes time for dinner or shipboard activities, don’t fret, any outfit you would wear on an average meal out will be perfect. Instead of packing nicer attire, focus on simple, practical layers that are comfortable and can be easily layered for a variety of weather conditions.


Not Your Average Cruise Ship

When you come on board an expedition cruise, prepare to feel as if you have stepped into one continuous immersive excursion. Instead of the traditional amenities like top-tier entertainment and a plethora of dining options, there are expert scientists and culturalists on board to enhance the overall experience. These ships are equipped with expedition equipment that could include Zodiacs, wetsuits, kayaks and scientific tools to help explore and learn about the destination. While sailing, spend your downtime with your fellow passengers embracing a new and exciting sense of community. Instead of spending your leisure time enjoying a multitude of onboard amenities, gain a new appreciation for the world around you at expert-led lectures and reflect on your new experiences over some delicious food.


A Time to Disconnect

The Internet has become a key part of our lives as the world has become more connected, and cruise ships are no exception. As technology advances, onboard satellite Internet has become more reliable through both Internet lounges and Wi-Fi, but will still lag behind the broadband you enjoy in your homes. Many cruise lines offer package deals that support checking email and browsing the web. While it may be impossible to resist sharing pictures of these remarkable destinations, the Wi-Fi will often only be fast enough to upload a few pictures at a time. In more remote locations around the world, a Wi-Fi connection may not be possible at all. So instead, use this cruise as an opportunity to disconnect from the world and immerse yourself in the natural surroundings.

Educational Expeditions with Road Scholar

Go where nature leads on a rugged expedition ship that brings you close-up to wildlife and natural wonders. With no set schedule, your captain charts a general course determined by weather, sea conditions and recent wildlife sightings.

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“If you’d like a wide and robust spectrum of geography, geology, ecology and intriguing history along the Columbia River and are flexible to small changes aboard an intimate ship, this is the adventure for you. All smiles for all aboard!”

— Monica, Road Scholar Class of 2018, from Ojai, Calif. —