South Africa
South Africa

South Africa

South Africa is a perfect union of some of the world’s most pristine landscapes, and Road Scholar’s popular South Africa tours are the most fulfilling way to discover them. Iconic mountains line the South Atlantic coast, connecting Cape Town to the Cape of Good Hope and Africa’s only penguin population. Rolling vineyards dot the countryside and the lush vegetation of the Garden Route blossoms along the southern shores. Kruger National Park’s open savannahs are home to the instantly recognizable “Big Five.” Beyond the natural beauty, experience a society moving beyond a complicated and divisive history, as locals welcome you to their country with a big smile.

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South Africa Tours

South Africa is a country rich in culture, history, and spectacular scenery. Iconic mountains line the South Atlantic coast, connecting Cape Town to the Cape of Good Hope and Africa’s only penguin population. The rolling vineyards of Stellenbosch dot the countryside, and the lush vegetation along the Garden Route blossoms with beauty. 

South Africa is home to some of the world’s largest and most diverse national parks. Get up close and personal with the striking landscapes and roving herds of the Chobe and Hwange National Parks.

Road Scholar’s popular South Africa tours are the most fulfilling way to learn about these unique ecosystems of wildlife and habitats, leaving a mark on your adventurous soul. We'll give you a personalized experience that helps you make the most of your journey.


Best National Parks on South Africa Tours

We design our 14-day South Africa tours with families in mind. Get the chance to have a unique bonding experience with your grandchild during grandparent/grandchild tours, or develop long-lasting friendships as you travel. Our program welcomes all. If you’re looking for a travel tour for singles over 60 or a seniors’ vacation, this is where you go to forge the memories of a lifetime. 

Explore exotic national parks during your tour of South Africa — travel to destinations such as the Plumeri Africa Game Reserve to search for the “Big 5”, make friends with rescued elephants, and learn to track wildlife as you explore South Africa, Botswana, and Zambia. A dedicated wildlife expert will teach you about protected reserves and animal habitats as you get up close to the largest animal that calls this place home: an elephant!

We offer 16 South Africa tours that are perfect for you and your family. Every trip is guided by experts and given an itinerary that will help you discover all that South Africa has to offer.  

Enjoy your adventure — we’ll take care of the rest!


Chobe National Park

Start your South Africa vacation at the renowned Chobe National Park, one of the largest national parks in Botswana, known for its abundant and diverse wildlife. The Chobe River creates a fertile landscape, the central water source for elephants, lions, and leopards who frequently visit the area, making for excellent viewing during the dry seasons. 

Experience the wildlife up close in their natural environment as they gather to drink from the river. Our itinerary gives you the South Africa vacation you’ve always wanted while also providing abundant opportunities to increase your knowledge of the region, the locals, and life in the area.

This South African tour is perfect for retirees and senior travelers who want to combine their love of learning with exploring new areas of the world.


Hwange National Park 

Journey to the Hwange National Park, the largest animal reserve in Zimbabwe, the premier wildlife sanctuary and a haven for travel enthusiasts. Here, the wide open space allows for an unforgettable experience. Hwange is secluded and provides a natural escape from the bustle of popular tourist attractions, offering a unique opportunity to enjoy the wonders of nature in its purest form while also enjoying the serenity of the remote corners of the park. Explore the environment and form a deep connection with your surroundings.

Witness wildlife such as buffalo, rhinos, elephants, leopards, crocodiles, and other native animals that call this reserve home. A trusted guide will take you through this experience, allowing for maximum learning throughout the program. With over 100 bird and mammal species, including the African wild dog, Hwange offers an unparalleled opportunity for incredible photography, offering captivating landscapes and breathtaking sunsets. 

Join Road Scholar for a visit to this incredible destination — embrace the natural beauty of the landscape and the great climate during your South Africa safari.


South Africa Tours by Train

All aboard! Take an epic train trek across four nations in southern Africa, from small villages to capital cities, and learn about life and culture. Visit national parks and reserves for safari. Meet local artisans and animals, feast your eyes on incredible landscapes aboard the Shongololo Express in Pretoria, and ride the rails to the tops of Blyde River Canyon

There are stops in Mozambique, Eswatini, and two game reserves to learn about conservation and see wildlife roaming across savannahs and rocky hills. End your journey through southern Africa by train in Zimbabwe by visiting Africa’s greatest waterfall, Victoria Falls. 


Cape Town to Victoria Falls by Train

Explore Southern Africa on this safari and train adventure beginning in Cape Town, learning about the country’s complex history and dramatic natural beauty. Then all aboard the Rovos Rail, a private, luxurious train to trek to Victoria Falls, stopping to witness the incredible wildlife. On this train trek from Cape Town to Victoria Falls, you will experience safari, culture, history, and even an elephant encounter!


Experience South Africa Tours with Road Scholar

At Road Scholar, we know how valuable it is to have a travel adventure that satisfies your love of learning. We offer a wide range of options for South African trips, providing an experience for every type of explorer. Through any of our South African tours, you’ll be placed in a cohort of like-minded adventurers.

Together, you’ll enjoy spirited conversations while learning more about the world’s cultures, history, adventure opportunities, and traditions from local experts. 

It’s time to take your next adventure. Book your travel and learn more with Road Scholar today!