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Explore the Snake & Columbia Rivers

Learn about Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery on a riverboat voyage along the Snake and Columbia Rivers. Marvel at Multnomah Falls, the Columbia River Gorge and Hells Canyon as you learn about the history and geology of these storied waterways.

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Snake and Columbia River Cruises

Embark on Columbia and Snake River cruises with Road Scholar, where you can learn about Lewis and Clark’s expedition, the Corps of Discovery, and more as you make your way up these waterways. On our Snake and Columbia River tours, you can relax on our riverboat voyages that take you to top spots like Multnomah Falls, the Columbia River Gorge, Hells Canyon, and beyond. No matter which riverboat cruise you choose, you will learn about the history and geology of these storied waterways.


Scenic Beauty of Snake and Columbia River Cruises

Columbia and Snake River excursions bring you through the stunning landscapes of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, allowing passengers to take in the natural beauty, historical sites, and cultural experiences of these areas. Our Snake and Columbia river cruises explore some of America’s most scenic landscapes. Take a look at what you can discover on these small-ship cruises:

  • Multnomah Falls: One of the top spots on our Columbia River cruises is Multnomah Falls, located just outside Portland, Oregon, the Columbia River Gorge. This massive waterfall plunges 620 feet in two large steps, with the upper falls dropping around 542 feet and the lower falls dropping around 69 feet. What makes Multnomah Falls a must-see feature on our Columbia River tours is its distinctive two-tiered structure with the picturesque Benson Footbridge spanning the lower cascade.
  • Hells Canyon: A key feature of our Snake River excursions is Hells Canyon, a deep and rugged river canyon carving through the border of Oregon and Idaho. As the deepest canyon in North America, Hells Canyon took millions of years for the Snake River to erode its bank to its current depth of 7,993 feet. As our river cruises traverse Hells Canyon, you can take in the surrounding beauty of towering cliffs, rugged rock formations, and mixes of grasslands and forests.
  • Wildlife: Our Columbia and Snake River cruises allow you to discover unique regional wildlife. These two river valleys are excellent spots for birdwatching, where you can identify raptors, meadowlarks, and goldfinches. These two rivers are also known for their salmon runs, where you might be able to witness these fish migrate upstream to spawn, depending on the season.
  • Historical sites: Our Columbia and Snake River cruises take you to several historical sites. The Lewis and Clark Exhibition traces the steps these two explorers took along these rivers. In contrast, the REACH Museum in Washington teaches you about the history of technological advancements, the Manhattan Project, and more.


Hop Aboard Columbia and Snake River Cruises With Road Scholar

At Road Scholar, our Snake and Columbia River cruises allow you to take in the natural beauty of some of America’s most diverse landscapes from a new vantage point. If you’re ready to graduate from the rivers, explore our ocean voyages that take you out to the deep sea to view countries and ecosystems around the world.