Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

The land now shadowed by Mount Rushmore was, up until the 1870s, called the “last great unknown.” Enrich your understanding of American growth in this vast wilderness as you immerse yourself in the discovery of Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Badlands National Park and Deadwood. Study the lives of gold seekers & sod busters, & discover the Old West before a handful of presidents made it famous.

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Highlights of Mount Rushmore National Memorial Tours

The 60-foot granite faces of Presidents Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington, and Roosevelt overlook the Black Hills region of South Dakota. This architectural feat was made possible under the direction of Gutzon Borglum and signifies a symbol of hope and freedom.

If you’re eager to experience one of our country’s most outstanding landmarks, check out these highlights of our Mount Rushmore National Memorial tours:

  • Hiking: Hike through the Black Hills along the Presidential Trail, where you will come across several vantage points of Mount Rushmore.
  • Sculptor’s Studio: Here, you can witness where Borglum worked while designing Mount Rushmore during the summers of 1939 to 1941. Inside, you will find a 1/12th scale model of Mount Rushmore and learn about the tools and techniques that made this project possible.
  • Badlands National Park: To get the most out of your time in South Dakota, some of our national park vacations in Mount Rushmore will bring you to Badlands National Park, where you can take in geologic features like sawtooth ridges, towering spires, and deep gorges.
  • Black Hills National Forest: In Black Hills National Forest, you can partake in outdoor adventures, like hiking, mountain biking, and spotting wildlife.
  • Crazy Horse Memorial: Another one of Borglum’s masterpieces lies five miles north of Custer State Park, which is his Crazy Horse Memorial. This mountain memorial is still under construction today and depicts the Oglala Lakota warrior.

These are some highlights of our national park trips to Mount Rushmore. Browse our collection today to find an experiential learning program that interests you.


Tips for Visiting Mount Rushmore National Memorial

National parks offer visitors a glimpse into the past, thanks to its untouched landscapes. However, knowing how to prepare to explore Mount Rushmore National Memorial is important to keep this area and its wildlife protected. Some of our top national park travel tips include:

  • Pack plenty of food and water to keep your body hydrated and fueled
  • Speak with park rangers to learn more about the park, its rules, and hidden gems
  • Respect wildlife by observing at a safe distance
  • Stick to designated paths and trails


Activities on Mount Rushmore Tours

Mount Rushmore is one of America’s most famous national memorials and is closely located to the nearby national park, Badlands National Park. With its four familiar faces, this iconic site offers visitors a wide range of unique activities. Through Mount Rushmore tours, some of the top activities include:

  • Mount Rushmore guided tours: One of the top activities in Mount Rushmore is guided tours, where local experts walk you through the history, geology, and wildlife of the area. Through guided tours, participants can learn about the significance of each president carved on the mountain face, insights into the engineering and artistic challenges Gutzon Borglum and his team faced, and more.
  • Mount Rushmore National Memorial Visitor Center: Any Mount Rushmore travel experience requires a stop at the visitor center, which serves as the central hub of the national memorial. At the visitor center, guests can learn from exhibits that detail the history of the landmark and partake in ranger-led programs.
  • Hiking: Mount Rushmore and its surrounding area is ripe with hiking trails. To start your Mount Rushmore tour, begin on the President’s Trail, which provides up-close views of the presidents on a half-mile trail. The surrounding Black Hills also have numerous hiking opportunities that offer beautiful wildlife viewing options and landscapes.
  • Evening lighting ceremony: Each evening during the summer, Mount Rushmore National Monument hosts a lighting ceremony that illuminates the monument, accompanied by speakers who provide historical anecdotes about each president, as well as a presentation for active service members and veterans.
  • Crazy Horse Memorial: After completing your Mount Rushmore guided tour, nearby Crazy Horse Memorial, which honors Native American leader Crazy Horse. While the memorial is still a work in progress, the Crazy Horse Memorial highlights the contributions and heritage of Native Americans.
  • Adventure activities: Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills offer a wide range of adventures. From zip-lining to rock climbing and horseback riding, various outdoor adventures serve different activity levels, allowing everyone to explore the natural landscape of this area.
  • Rapid City: Often referred to as the most patriotic city in America, Rapid City is an all-American town just outside of Mount Rushmore. Rapid City boasts a mix of natural beauty, cultural attractions, and outdoor activities. Walk down Art Alley to take in the vibrant murals and street art, visit the Museum of Geology to learn about minerals and paleontology, or enjoy local cuisine at the city’s numerous restaurants. 

Mount Rushmore tours offer an exciting opportunity to partake in exciting and educational activities. Natural history tours teach program participants about local wildlife, geology, and the history of the monument and the surrounding Black Hills. Outdoor activities like horseback riding and hiking offer the ability to immerse yourself in the diverse landscape of this area. Browse our collection of experiential learning programs to explore unique travel experiences like our Mt Rushmore tours and forge lifelong memories and friendships with a unique cohort of like-minded learners.


Book Your Mount Rushmore National Memorial Trip With Road Scholar

At Road Scholar, we offer some of the best Mount Rushmore National Memorial vacations. Each of our Mount Rushmore National Memorial tours is led by a local expert who will teach you about the park’s unique landscapes, geology, wildlife, and history. You will also join a diverse cohort of lifelong learners, allowing you to experience the park with like-minded people and forge lasting relationships.

From group national park tours to easy-paced national park adventures, we have experiential learning adventures for everyone.