National Parks of the Midwest

Experience the preserved natural treasures of the Midwest, whether you want to explore the Ozarks of Missouri or the Kansas prairie, the fossil beds of Nebraska or the lake shores of Michigan.

Want to learn more about travel to our National Parks? Check out these National Parks tips.

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Midwest National Park Tours

The American Midwest is known as America’s Heartland. From prairies of fossil beds and lakefronts, there are plenty of areas to discover in the heart of America. At Road Scholar, our Midwest National Park Tours bring you throughout some of the areas that define America’s heritage. If you’re looking for Midwest National Parks to visit, look no further. Our experiential learning programs allow you to discover all the wonders hidden inside these protected areas.


Want to learn more about travel to our National Parks? Check out these National Parks tips.

Highlights of Midwest National Park Tours

Road Scholar’s collection of National Park trips in the Midwest provides you with the opportunity to explore and discover some of the less frequented National Parks in the National Park System. While these National Parks are visited less frequently by tourists, they tell a rich story about how they shaped the communities around them and the country. Take a look at some of the highlights you can enjoy when you explore National Parks in the American Midwest:


  • Hot Springs National Park (Arkansas): As the “American Spa,” Hot Springs National Park has a lot to offer, such as tours of nine historic bathhouses, ancient thermal springs, unique geology, and hikes throughout lush forests.
  • Isle Royale National Park (Michigan): After crossing Lake Superior, you’ll find yourself on the shores of Isle Royale National Park, where you can take backpacking trips, explore the wilderness, and discover coves and bays by boat.
  • Voyageurs National Park (Minnesota): From Kettle Falls to Ellsworth Rock Gardens, Voyageurs National Park allows you to discover the natural and cultural history that defines this park.
  • Gateway Arch National Park (Missouri): Also known as The Gateway to the West, Gateway Arch National Park is the largest monument in the country. Here, you can learn more about the westward expansion and discover new things in the Museum at the Gateway Arch that explores over 200 years of history.
  • Cuyahoga National Park (Ohio): The lush river valley that cuts through Cuyahoga National Park is filled with adventure. Here, you can explore rolling hills, native plants and wildlife, and dense forests.
  • Badlands National Park (South Dakota): The dramatic landscapes and unique rock formations make Badlands National Park a checkbox on any bucket list. Here, you can explore steep canyons, catch glimpses of bighorn sheep, and marvel at towering spires.
  • Wind Cave National Park (South Dakota): From the Post Office to the Elks Room, these are just some of the areas you can explore in Wind Cave National Park, that’s known for cave walls with honeycomb-like formations.

Tips for Visiting Midwest National Parks

National Park vacations in the Midwest provide great opportunities to learn more about the coming of America. To ensure you get the most out of your Midwest National Park tour, follow these tips:


  • Speak with park rangers to learn more about the park you’re visiting
  • Follow all rules and guidelines, such as staying on trails and observing wildlife at a distance
  • Pack plenty of food and water to stay energized and hydrated
  • Respect wildlife by picking up after yourself and disposing of trash and recycling in dedicated bins

Book Your Midwest National Park Trip with Road Scholar

At Road Scholar, we have a wide range of National Park vacation packages for the American Midwest to choose from. Our expert-led learning adventures give you the opportunity to learn and discover more about the American Midwest. Whether you’re interested in National Park trips with your grandchildren or group National Park tours, we have plenty of options to choose from.