Welcome to Italy, our Campus of the Year for 2023! Join us as we explore the cuisine, culture, art and architecture of one of the most beautiful countries in the world as we explore iconic cities and coastal villages. Choose from dozens of learning adventures in Italy, discovering the best of a country rich in history and teeming with traditions.

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Trips to Italy for Inspired Travelers

Experience the wonders of one of Europe’s most historic and charming countries through any of Road Scholar’s trips to Italy. Travel to Italy is a great way to experience the culture, cuisine, landscape, and history of “Bel Paese,” or beautiful country. 

Road Scholar tours of Italy provide privileged access to some of Italy’s most unique attractions, whether it’s renowned art exhibits, tours through rolling hills and picturesque mountains, or a taste of world-class cuisine. With a collection of the best adventures in Italy, you’ll be able to explore and learn about this beautiful country like never before.



Are the Best Adventures in Italy Educational?

Road Scholar’s guided tours of Italy give you the chance to learn about this historic country’s people, cultures, and traditions. Whether you’re looking for Southern Italy tours or walking tours in Northern Italy, we have a wide range of learning adventures from which to choose. In our trips to Italy, you’ll find an expansive collection of programs designed for various activity levels and interests, such as an odyssey at sea off the coast of Italy, an exploration of the medieval hill towns of the Cinque Terre, or roaming through Rome.

During your travel to Italy, you’ll learn from local experts and knowledgeable professionals who will look into the rich history that spans the Italian Peninsula, from the rise and fall of Ancient Rome to the artistic wonders that have left a lasting influence on Western Civilization. 

As you adventure through Italy, you’ll explore with like-minded lifelong learners from various backgrounds, such as solo travelers, retirees, couples, farmers, business professionals, and more. Your unique cohort will provide spirited conversations that will deepen your appreciation of the people around you and the country you’re touring. Once you return, you’ll have memories and relationships that will last a lifetime. 

If you need to decide whether a tour of Italy is suitable for you, review our Italy travel tips and sign up for one of our online lectures about Italy that will allow you to discover this charming country from the comfort of your home. 



Our Top Picks From Our Italy Collection

We offer more than 30 incredible trips to Italy. Not sure which guided vacation is right for you? We’ve highlighted some of our favorites for travelers of all ages, abilities, and interests. 


Christmas in Rome

Celebrate a Christmas like no other by visiting the Eternal City. Christmas in Rome is a nine-day guided tour that will take you to a dazzling Christmas market, the Sistine Chapel, and the Basilica of St. Peter, among other iconic locations.

On this trip, you’ll see nativity displays, visit a Jewish museum, and enjoy artistic masterpieces. You’ll also learn about Rome’s unique culture and history, and experience the holidays with residents. This experience also allows you to attend a midnight mass. 


Under the Tuscan Sun: A Family Adventure

Looking for the best guided tours of Italy for seniors? Then you must consider our trip Under the Tuscan Sun: Italian Adventures With Your Family. This experience is designed to create a wonderful, multigeneration experience for you and your family members as you explore one of the most beautiful cities on earth. 

Over nine days, you’ll explore the small and peaceful region of Tuscany with your family. Take an Italian class, visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa and enjoy all of Tuscany’s culinary delights. You will not only eat excellent meals but also help create them with pasta- and gelato-making classes. Make memories that will last forever in the Tuscan countryside. 


Independent Florence: History Tour

Calling all history buffs! If you’re looking for a guided tour of Italy that will dig into the country’s historical legacy, look no further than our Florence experience, Independent Florence: From Medieval to Modern Culture

Walk the streets of bustling, modern-day Florence as you dive into the past and learn about the city’s medieval origins. This experience highlights the city’s unique cuisine, architecture, and design. Transport back to the Renaissance as you visit beautiful cathedrals and the Galleria dell’ Accademia. See masterpieces that are still treasured today and learn about the iconic Medici family. This trip also includes delicious Italian meals and ample time to explore Florence on your own. 


Independent Venice

No travel to Italy can be complete without a stop at the cultural powerhouse of Venice. Independent Venice: Art, Culture, and Canals is a guided trip to help you experience la bella vita (the beautiful life). This eight-day trip introduces you to Venice’s timeless architecture, culinary delights, and history.

Explore narrow backstreets, meet local artisans, and take in masterpieces created in the city. You’ll also learn about the city’s history, enjoy classic Italian fare, and even attend a Vivaldi concert. 


Hiking the Cinque Terre - Italian Riviera

Are you an active traveler looking for a tour of Italy that will put some miles on your hiking boots? Hiking the Cinque Terre is a breathtaking experience that will take you across the Italian Riviera. During this nine-day trip, you’ll visit the “Five Towns” of the Riviera. Explore medieval fortresses, olive groves, vineyards, and rugged ruins during your excursion. You’ll be hiking up to six hours a day along rugged paths, so bring lots of energy and a heart for adventure. 



Road Scholar Trips to Italy With the Love of Learning

No matter your interests, you’re sure to find a guided tour of Italy that piques your interests through our collection of Italian adventures. 

At Road Scholar, our goal is to open up the world around you through our engaging experiential learning adventures that immerse you into the cultures and environment of your destination. Whether it’s visiting iconic cities like Florence, Rome, and Venice or taking a walking tour in Northern Italy’s idyllic mountains, you’ll return with newfound knowledge and memories you can carry wherever you go.

Experience educational travel to Italy by signing up for an Italian adventure today!