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Best Places to Learn With Grandparents, Grandkids & Families

Grandparent Adventures in North America

Make lasting memories with your grandchild or entire family on learning adventures packed with exciting field trips designed to keep explorers of all ages engaged. Explore the grand boulevards of Paris, discover the Grand Canyon, or search for dinosaur fossils in Utah — most importantly, do it together! Want to learn more about traveling with your grandkids? Check out these Grandparent Travel Tips.

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Grandparent & Family

There’s nothing more fulfilling than multigenerational educational travel and at Road Scholar, we offer intergenerational travel programs for you and your grandchildren to enjoy. Traveling with grandchildren is a great way to make lasting memories and form a deeper relationship. Our intergenerational travel tours bring you to some of the best places to travel with grandparents. Your entire family can visit some of the world’s top destinations for families and grandparents.


Build Lasting Memories With Multigenerational Travel

No matter your age, we all have fond childhood memories that stay with us throughout life. Intergenerational travel tours at Road Scholar provide memories that are sure to stick with each member of the family for years to come. If you’re looking for the best vacation for three generations, we have you covered. As grandparents traveling with grandchildren, it can be hard to find activities for everyone. With exciting trips designed for participants of all ages, you can make lifelong memories with everyone in the family.


Learning for Everyone

Not only does traveling with grandchildren allow them to gain new experiences, but it also allows them to form a deeper understanding of the world around them. Road Scholar travel programs bring lifelong learners together. Each tour is led by local experts who walk you through the history, landscape and cultures of each destination.

Whether you’re exploring the grand boulevards of Paris, discovering the North & South Rims of the Grand Canyon, or uncovering dinosaur fossils in Utah, our educational travel tours will pique the interest of everyone in the family.


Family Adventures at Home and Abroad

At Road Scholar, we have some of the best multigenerational family vacations in the USA to choose from. Explore Broadway in New York City with performances and a walking tour that’s family-friendly and awe-inspiring. Or, take an outdoor adventure with your grandchildren on a horseback and canoe tour in the Ozarks. When traveling with grandchildren and family, you’ll be able to form deeper connections through family-fun experiences.

In addition to exploring destinations close to home, we have intergenerational travel programs abroad. Traveling with grandchildren internationally can be daunting. At Road Scholar, we have a team working with you to take care of all the small details, such as creating an itinerary and booking reservations, so you focus on the big things. Traveling is meant to be exciting and life-changing. We’ll make sure everyone in the family is engaged and immersed in the travel experience.


Road Scholar Adventures for Grandparents, Grandchildren and the Entire Family

As you search for the best places to travel with grandparents, you’ll find we have dozens of unique trips to choose from. With over 45 years of offering educational travel adventures, you can find family-friendly vacations that are great for all ages to enjoy. From city tours and hikes to rafting adventures and boating experiences, each intergenerational travel program will be unforgettable. And if you want to learn more about how to travel with the grandkids? Check out these Grandparent Travel Tips.

To narrow down your desired grandparent travel program, use the drop down menus. You can filter your search by several criteria, such as the destination, duration, price, date range and activity level of your trip. Traveling with grandparents and grandchildren is a great way to bring the family together. At Road Scholar, we make it possible for everyone in the family to discover the world around them.

Find the best places to travel with grandparents and family today!