France - Champagne - grapes
France - Champagne - grapes

Food & Wine

Seafood in New England. Pasta in Sicily. Wine in Napa Valley. Learn about and savor the world’s finest cuisines and culinary traditions on journeys designed to illuminate culture and history, please the palate and delight all of your senses! 

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Best Culinary Tours 

If you want to experience true farm-to-table eating and sharing in the region’s delicacies, you will want to take a wine and food vacation from Road Scholar. Clam chowder in New England, anyone? Does homemade pasta in Sicily sound tempting? How about touring famous wineries in Napa Valley? Does maple candy in Vermont make your mouth water?

Learn about the world’s finest cuisines and culinary traditions on one of Road Scholar’s many food and wine tours. From the flavors of Oaxaca, Mexico, to the best barbecue in the world in South Carolina, when it comes to food, each country has its specialties and Road Scholar will help feed your appetite for food and learning. 


A Hands-On, Sea-to-Table Extravaganza on Chincoteague Island

Chincoteague is known for its salty oysters and wild horses. On this incredible six-day Road Scholar trip, you will explore the region’s food as you harvest clams, oysters, and crabs with local fishermen. Then, you will cook what you catch off Virginia’s Atlantic coast in a hands-on seafood extravaganza. 

Join husband-and-wife clammers for a hands-on harvesting experience, and take your clams to the kitchen to prepare an island chowder with a well-known local chef. Learn the craft of beer making, working with a local brewer on a small batch stout.  


Experience Farm-Fresh Flavor in Vermont

Visit local farms in Vermont to discover the state’s impressive history with food. Along with local chefs, small-scale cheese makers, and maple tappers, Road Scholar travelers will experience firsthand the Vermont farm-to-plate way of life with hands-on classes and field trips to working farms. Some of the delicious food and wine tours you will experience on this six-day trip include maple candy, wine at Shelburne Vineyard, traditional apple cider, goat cheese, and a sugar on snow tasting at Williams Maple Farm. 


Cooking Class Vacation in Sicily

Sicilian food reflects an influence from several surrounding countries — Italy, Greece, Spain, and the Middle East. Sicily has a wonderful assortment of fresh fish, eggplants, tomatoes, and grapes grow right on the island. Eat your way through Sicily on this 10-day Road Scholar wining and dining excursion. You will receive hands-on cooking lessons from Italian chefs and ancient history lessons through Syracuse and Taormina.


Lobsters, Wineries, and Foods of New England

You will immerse yourself in local flavors on this special seven-day culinary tour of New England. Explore local vineyards, visit a Vermont apple orchard, and ride aboard a Maine lobster vessel with a local expert. Travelers will visit Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, learning about the food, wine, and culture along the way. Learn about specialty products created in New England by taking field trips to vineyards, farms and sugarhouses to enjoy local delicacies like johnnycakes, lobster, clam chowder, local cheeses, yogurt and maple syrup. Is your mouth watering yet? 



Book Your Food and Wine Tour With Road Scholar

At Road Scholar, we have a wide range of culinary tours especially curated for the epicurean traveler. We have educational adventures that will allow you to discover the world’s cultures and history.