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Trips Popular with Solo Travelers

Just because you're traveling solo doesn't mean you have to travel alone! Make friends and learn together with a welcoming group of Road Scholars on one of these programs that solo travelers love.

Looking for more info? Check out our Solo Travel Resources or our Practical Information for Solo Travelers pages.

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Solo Travel Groups & Tours

Traveling solo doesn't mean going alone! Join a Road Scholar program for solo travelers and explore with a welcoming group. Make friends, learn together, and enjoy the camaraderie of group exploration on specially crafted itineraries designed for solo adventurers.

Looking for more info? Check out our Solo Travel Resources or our Practical Information for Solo Travelers pages.


Adventures for Solo Travelers

Just because you’re a solo traveler doesn’t mean you have to go at it alone. At Road Scholar, we have unique adventures for solo travelers, where you’ll be gathered with similar travelers like yourself, along with couples and other small groups. No matter the trip you choose, you’ll be able to learn about a wide range of destinations in the comfort of a like-minded group. On our solo travel tours, you’ll explore cultures and environments with a group of strangers and return with a new family of lifelong friends.


Build Connections That Will Last

At Road Scholar, we aim to connect people through immersive experiences across the globe. While solo adventures can be intimidating, you can rest assured knowing you won’t feel alone in our travel groups. By connecting you with a small group of travelers (solos and couples alike), you’ll be able to share experiences and stories, all while adventuring through new cities, mountains, forests, or coasts.

We also know how fulfilling solo travel trips can be, which is why we create our educational travel programs to ensure you get the freedom you need while having the safety of a group. Go off the beaten path, uncovering hidden treasures in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan in a small group of 13-18 participants. Or, stay close to home exploring some of America’s most pristine National Parks that are rich in wildlife and natural wonder.


Reap the Benefits of Solo Travel

There are many benefits of solo tours and exploring on your own. Solo travel trips allow you to travel on your own terms and decide what you want to see. With that said, here are some of the top benefits of solo travel tours:

  • Meet new people: Adventures for solo travelers open the world to forming new relationships. This is because you’re more inclined to meet new people, start conversations, and create long-lasting relationships. When traveling in your Road Scholar cohort, you’ll be able to discover side-by-side with new people and enjoy spirited conversations that allow you to forge deeper relationships that last a lifetime.
  • Follow your plan: Solo travel trips give you more autonomy to follow your own interests. You can travel on your terms, deciding where you want to visit and for how long. When you’re in charge of your own decisions, you can check off your bucket list items without having to make compromises.
  • Better understand yourself: When traveling in groups, it can be easy to get distracted and follow in the footsteps of those around you. Solo travel tours allow you to take a step back, reflect, and better know yourself. Spending time in a new country with new cultures and traditions gives you the opportunity to embrace being alone and dig deeper into who you are. 
  • Pursue your interests: Without friends or family influencing your decisions, you can pursue your interests. You can join solo travel groups that focus on areas of life you enjoy, whether it’s hiking in the wilderness, spending time in museums, biking throughout new cities, or taking classes to better understand local customs and traditions.

Our solo guided tours at Road Scholar place you in a cohort of lifelong learners, including solo travelers like yourself, along with couples, families, and small groups of friends. Filled with solo travelers, couples, friends, retirees, and professionals, you’ll receive a rich learning experience unlike any other.


Privileged Access to the World’s Most Desired Destinations

Whether it’s your first solo adventure vacation or your tenth, you’ll gain privileged access to some of the world’s most sought-after destinations, led by expert instructors who guide you throughout your tour in an entourage of solo travelers, groups, and couples.

Are you looking to gain a deeper appreciation for the arts? Gain a comprehensive understanding of the art, history and architecture of Prague as you learn from local scholars and resident experts. Or, if you’re looking for something more active, take a solo travel tour through Arizona’s Marble Canyon and Vermilion Cliffs. With 46 adventures for solo travelers, couples, and groups, you’re sure to find an experience that meets your preferences.


Adventures for Solo Travelers

Adventures for solo travelers can take you across the globe, giving you the opportunity to discover and experience new cultures, traditions, cuisine, geography, and wildlife. Whether you’re interested in a tropical rainforest excursion or a history-packed European tour, here are some ideas for solo travel trips to spark your interest:

  • United States: Looking to start your solo travel experience close to home? If so, the United States has a lot to offer. From world-renowned National Parks like Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon to historic cities like New Orleans and St. Augustine, there’s no better way to travel alone with a tour group than making your way through America’s gems.
  • Europe: There are countless adventures for solo travelers in Europe to choose from. Make a stop in Dublin, Ireland, and venture off to the awe-inspiring Cliffs of Moher that will take your breath away. Or, enjoy the best of Germany by visiting small Bavarian villages and major metropolises like Berlin. You can even spend your solo travel trip in Paris or Lisbon. No matter where you want to end up, Road Scholar can take you there.
  • South America: South America is teeming with adventure. From walking in the footsteps of Darwin in the Galápagos Islands to hiking Machu Picchu to better understand ancient Incan civilizations, the opportunities for exciting solo travel tours are endless.

At Road Scholar, we have an extensive collection of adventures for solo travelers to choose from. Our solo travel groups can take you everywhere from Costa Rica in Latin America to Jordan and Israel in the Middle East. Have peace of mind knowing you have the support of a group no matter where in the world you find yourself.


Best Solo Travel Group Destinations

Joining solo travel groups offers many unique benefits, from meeting new people to getting a better and deeper understanding of yourself. Whether you’re looking for singles travel groups or simply travel groups for solo travelers, there are various programs you can join that can bring you to new and exciting places in the world. Below, we’ll dive into some of the top solo traveler tours and destinations.

  • Japan: One of the top destinations for solo travel tours is Japan, which is highly regarded for its top-tier safety and efficiency. When traveling to Japan, solo travelers can have peace of mind with its low crime rate and accessibility, making it easy to enjoy popular attractions and cultural experiences. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the majestic temples of Kyoto, there are numerous activities solo travelers can enjoy in this island country.
  • Costa Rica: One of the top destinations for solo women travelers is Costa Rica, known for its tranquility and pura vida lifestyle. This Latin American country stands out as a premier destination for solo travel groups because of its perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. Here, solo travelers can wander the rainforests to spot diverse wildlife and explore volcanic wonders while also resting and relaxing on pristine beaches. From zip-lining and surfing to soaking up the sun along the shores, Costa Rica is an excellent solo travel destination.
  • New Zealand: Renowned for its natural beauty, New Zealand is another excellent destination for singles travel groups. This island country in the Pacific has plenty of outdoor activities like hiking and surfing, as well as stunning scenery and friendly locals. Here, visitors can learn about indigenous communities like the Māori, partake in cultural celebrations, enjoy local cuisine and explore vibrant cities like Auckland and Wellington.
  • Portugal: Solo travel groups to Portugal offer group participants the ability to immerse themselves in European culture through unique activities like wine tasting and cultural explorations. Portugal is an excellent destination for solo travelers, as it boasts a comfortable climate, delicious cuisine and a rich history. From the lively streets of Lisbon to historic towns like Porto and the relaxing towns along the Algarve coast, there are plenty of reasons for solo travelers to visit Portugal.
  • Thailand: One of the top tips for first-time travelers is to find a destination that is safe and offers a unique spread of activities to enjoy. Thailand is one of those destinations that is perfect for solo travelers. Known for its pristine beaches, bustling cities and delicious cuisine, Thailand is an exciting and affordable destination for solo travel groups. Here, visitors can trek the mountains in the north, visit the temples of Bangkok and go island hopping in the south.

These are some of the top destinations for solo travel groups to enjoy. Find an adventure today at Road Scholar to find the next destination you’d like to explore. Our experiential learning programs are perfect for solo travelers looking to travel with a group of like-minded learners curious about the world around them.


Become a Road Scholar Today

To help you narrow down your search, you can use the drop-down menus that allow you to filter based on different criteria. If you’re interested in travel tours for single adults that explore Europe, use the “Destination” filter. Or, if you’re sticking to a budget, you can refine your search based on price, so you can find solo traveler tours that keep your finances in check. You can even filter your search based on the duration of the trip, your desired date range and activity level.

Road Scholar aims to provide immersive, educational and memorial adventure travel for solo travelers. Through our adventures, you’ll be able to explore with solos, couples, and groups, and return with lifelong memories. Book today to secure your spot on one of the next adventures for solo travelers.

Below you'll find our favorite adventures for solo travelers. Looking for more info? Check out our Solo Travel Resources or our Practical Information for Solo Travelers pages.

Enroll in a solo educational adventure today with Road Scholar!