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Most Popular Australia Tours

Kata-Tjuta National Park, Uluru, Australia

Australia and New Zealand are home to captivating communities that range from international cities and sprawling countryside. The unique culture of each country is influenced by their Aboriginal and Maori roots that bind them to their Pacific neighbors as well as the colonial influences they maintain as members of the Commonwealth of Nations. These island nations are home to some of the world’s most inspiring landscapes, spanning arid deserts, tropical rainforests, glacier-carved bays and snowcapped peaks. Road Scholar’s local experts are waiting to take you on an adventure of a lifetime in the world’s most fascinating classrooms.

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Australia Tours and Adventures

Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world, famous for its vast beaches, unusual mammals, and of course, the Sydney Opera House. Sydney Opera House is the most iconic sight in the whole country for its spherical-sectioned shells. The Great Barrier Reef off of Australia’s coast is one of the seven wonders of the natural world, featuring the world’s largest coral reef system, with over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands. 

Australia is influenced by its Aboriginal roots that contribute to a history rich in stories. Come along with Road Scholar’s local Australian sightseeing experts on an adventure of a lifetime in the world’s most fascinating classrooms.

Small Group Australian Tours

If you are looking for a small group to travel with on your  educational tour in Australia, Road Scholars offers more personalized experiences for groups of 13 to 24 participants. The following Road Scholar adventures are designed for small groups for an experience that proves to be intimate and stress-free.

Great Australian Train Trek

To truly appreciate the vast landscape of Australia, the Road Scholar has created a truly amazing four-week train trek exploring Australia. Take this Australian tour on two iconic trains: the Indian Pacific across the Nullarbor Plain and the Ghan from Darwin to Alice Springs. The train will make many stops along the way, including Kakadu National Park, Kangaroo Island,  and the Sydney Opera House.

An Australian Odyssey

Explore Australia at its best on this educational adventure, An Australian Odyssey: From the Outback to the Great Barrier Reef. You will learn about this beautiful continent’s fragile ecosystems from desert to rainforest to the coral reef. 

Snorkel along the Great Barrier Reef, the largest reef system in the world.  Be amazed by the Australian Outback, natural wonders, iconic architecture, and Aboriginal art. For 17 days you will immerse yourself in the culture and natural wonders of Australia. 

Discover a Land Down Under

You wouldn't go all the way down under and not see a kangaroo or koala, would you?  On this 13-day adventure to Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide, you will learn about iconic architecture, unique wildlife, and three distinct cultures of these Australian cities. Gaze up at adorable koalas sleeping in gum trees and journey the length of Great Ocean Road—one of the world’s greatest coastal drives.

Experience Travel with Road Scholar

At Road Scholar, we offer a wide range of trips through the great Australian continent. Through any of our Australian tours, you’ll be placed in a cohort of like-minded adventurers. Please check the details of each trip to determine the level of activity and whether it is good for traveling seniors. Together, you’ll enjoy spirited conversations while learning more about the world’s cultures, history, and traditions from local experts. 

Book your travel and learn more with Road Scholar today.