Road Scholar’s Picks for Top Places to Visit With Your Grandchild

Isn’t learning grand? It can be difficult to narrow down a place to discover and explore with your grandkid, so to help you with the process, here are five of our favorite locations to travel to and learn about with the next generation of learners!

A grandkid waving from a trail ride in South Dakota

1. South Dakota

With impressive monuments carved from stone, incredible wildlife and rich history, South Dakota makes a great place to learn for grandparents and grandchildren alike! Grandparents will appreciate the storied past of this state, including geological, Native American and pioneering history, while grandchildren will thrill in activities like trail rides, alpine slides and keeping their eyes open for bison and prairie dogs. 

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A grandparent and grandkid smile in front of a city view in Italy

2. Italy

Our 2023 Campus of the Year is a great place for grandparents and grandchildren to learn together! Italy is full of fascinating archaeological sites, such as the ruins of Pompeii, the history of which all generations will appreciate. It is also a fantastic place to learn more about food, with cooking classes that will immerse you and your grandkid in the culture of a new country.

Grandparents and grandkids take in a museum exhibit in Washington D.C.

3. Washington D.C.

If you and your grandchild love learning about American history and want an inside look into the secret world of spies, then a learning adventure to Washington D.C. is for you! Hear firsthand from former intelligence officers and discover some of their tools of the trade, including code making and breaking. You’ll even delve into America’s first Spy Ring, the Culper Gang, coordinated by George Washington himself. This city is sure to fascinate grandparents and excite grandkids!

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Grandparents and grandkids point at a sight on a boat ride in Costa Rica

4. Costa Rica

Grandparents and grandchildren who love learning about nature won’t be able to get enough of Costa Rica! Adventurous families will love exploring natural wonders together from zip lines, hanging bridges and river rafts. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for macaws, crocodiles, sloths and monkeys!

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A grandparent and grandkid look at an impressive valley view in Yosemite

5. California

California is the ultimate place to learn — whether you and your grandchild share an interest in animals, national parks or iconic cities, California has something for you! Experience the history of San Francisco, explore the magic of Yosemite or see giraffes, cheetahs and flamingos up close at the Safari West Wildlife Preserve. No matter what, you’ll depart California with unforgettable memories!

Wherever you and your grandchild choose to go on a learning adventure, you’ll be sure to discover something new while making lasting memories together. To learn more about traveling with your grandchild, check out our Grandparent Travel Guide and our tips for grandparent adventures