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Welcome to The Road Scholar Lifelong Learning Institute Network

The Road Scholar LLI Resource Network is a voluntary and dues-free association of more than 400 Lifelong Learning Institutes (LLIs) across the country. The Network strives to connect LLIs with one another as a means of expanding community and learning opportunities.



  • Your LLI will be added to our directory, so new members can find you on the main Road Scholar website.
  • You will receive our monthly newsletter on LLI happenings and events, issues, conferences and news.
  • You’ll learn about the latest trends and ideas for LLI curriculum.



At Road Scholar, we believe lifelong learning isn’t just a hobby — it’s a way of life. We have spent more than 40 years inspiring adults to learn in Road Scholar experiences around the world, and we have invested significant resources in building the network of Lifelong Learning Institutes across the U.S. Our partnership with Lifelong Learning Institutes speaks directly to our mission and our shared passion for enriching educational experiences for adults across the country


Membership in the Road Scholar LLI Resource Network is open to any LLI in which:

  • Learners have significant involvement in developing college-level educational programming
  • There is organizational structure, which distinguishes the Institute as an educational community of older learners.
  • There is an educational purpose to the Institute by providing college level course work usually on a non-credit basis.
  • The Institute is a membership organization in that learners join Institutes. Organizational structures (by-laws, committees, etc.) create an entity with identity and purpose of its own.
  • There is open membership by involving members in decision-making. 
  • In addition to determining curriculum, members may be active in recruiting new members, financing the Institute and developing social programming.
  • There is co-curricular programming by encouraging participation without regard to previous levels of formal education.


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If your Lifelong Learning institute is a member of the Road Scholar Lifelong Learning institute Resource Network and you are an administrator, staff member, volunteer or board member


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Lifelong Learning Resources and Submissions

As a member of the Road Scholar LLI Resource Network, LLIs have access to relevant information in the field of lifelong learning and the successful operation of the LLI. Topics are varied and include tips on successful fundraising, volunteer recruitment and retention and distance learning. Below is a sample of the resources available:

Please email with your questions and requests.

Bring Your LLI Group on a Road Scholar Program

All of our 5,500 educational travel programs worldwide are available for affinity groups to reserve exclusively for their members. All you need to do is select the program, and we handle all the details.

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