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Traveling with Grandkids

Setting off on a trip with your grandkids ensures a delightful blend of fun, excitement, and the occasional challenge. Let us be your guide as you navigate through this exhilarating adventure, offering valuable insights on fostering a spirit of adventure, practical tips for smooth travel, and more. Our guidance is tailored for those special grandparent and grandchildren trips, ensuring lasting memories. Discover educational travel possibilities with Road Scholar to enrich your shared experiences.

6 Reasons to Choose a Grandparent Trip with Road Scholar

We’re the experts

We’re the leaders in grandparent travel and we’re happy to say it. With more than 30 years of experience, our Grandparent adventures span the globe and are sure to pique your interest with trips ranging from STEM to sports and everything in between. Our educational tours are jam-packed with activities that we know both you and your grandkid will love. We guarantee you’ll come away having learned something new and with a lifetime of memories.

They Grow Up Fast

It’s easy to get caught up in the routines of daily life and realize, suddenly, that time has flown by and your grandkids are grown. Just think about how quickly your children grew up. Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday you were reading them bedtime stories? Your grandkids are only young once, so don’t wait to plan a travel and learning experience they’ll remember even when they’re all grown up. YOLO, right? (Ask your grandkids for a translation.)

It Will Bring You Closer

Spending a week on an educational adventure with your grandchild will almost certainly bring you closer. Who doesn’t want to bond more with their grandkids, especially in those formative years when their eyes are glued to their cell phones? Put the cell phones aside and focus on learning, adventure and bonding time with your grandkids. Leave their parents at home while you experience special one-on-one time on Road Scholar’s Intergenerational programs, or choose a Family program for fun for all three generations!

You’ll Get a New Perspective

One of the best parts of traveling and learning with your grandchild is seeing the wonder in their eyes as they learn or experience something new. There’s nothing like it. Having grandkids along helps you see the world through a different lens and, often, pushes you out of your comfort zone. You’re more likely to learn things you wouldn’t with other adults and maybe even try some different activities you never thought you’d try, like zip lining in Costa Rica, surfing in Hawaii or digging with paleontologists in Wyoming.

You’ll Both Make New Friends

One of the greatest takeaways from a Road Scholar program is the camaraderie you find with other participants. Our educational programs attract people who love learning and travel, and out of those shared passions arises a bond that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, with other kiddos along, your grandkids will have an opportunity to make new friends, too! We offer different categories of learning adventures for different-aged grandkids, from 5 to 18, so they’ll have other kids their age to have fun and learn with!

We Take Care of Every Detail

Travel planning can be stressful, especially when you’re planning a trip for your grandkids. But when you enroll in a Road Scholar program, we do the planning for you. Our expert trip designers put together adventures both you and your grandkids will love, with just the right combination of learning and fun! With all of this extra time and energy, you can focus on making lifelong memories with your grandkids!

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“The Grandparent experience was wonderful! I could see my grandson begin to see the world as much larger than he previously knew and I saw him grow in his appreciation for the joy of travel.”

— Sue, Road Scholar Class of 2015, from Delaware, Ohio —

Featured Faculty

Each and every one of our faculty experts has been carefully selected for the Road Scholar Grandparent learning adventures they lead. A glance at their bios, and you will understand why.

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Domenico Nucci
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Martin Tyner



Tips for Grandparents Traveling With Grandchildren

Multigenerational travel offers a plethora of benefits for everyone in the family. From creating lasting memories and family traditions to sharing experiences and strengthening bonds, traveling with grandkids is a wonderful opportunity. However, grandparent and grandchild trips can be demanding and complex, especially if the proper planning measures aren’t taken. Take a look at some of our tips for planning and navigating vacations for grandparents and grandchildren:


  • Plan ahead: One of our top tips for first-time travelers and any traveler is always plan ahead. As you get ready for grandparent trips with grandchildren, thoroughly research your destination and plan activities that appeal to you and the children traveling with you by considering energy levels, interests, and limitations.
  • Be flexible: Another key tip for successful trips for grandparents and grandchildren is to be flexible with your itinerary to make any necessary adjustments and allow free time to rest and recharge or explore a new landmark or activity you might not have known.
  • Include children in the decision-making: For grandparents traveling with grandkids, including them in the decision-making process when appropriate can help give them a sense of autonomy and allow them to choose activities, restaurants, and other things to do that interest them.
  • Capture memories: While it’s always important to live in the moment, capturing special moments throughout the trip with your smartphone or camera allows you and your grandchildren to reflect on the memories you made for years to come.


Most Memorable Trips for Grandparents and Grandchildren

At Road Scholar, we have a wide range of exciting experiential learning programs perfect for everyone, whether you’re a solo female traveler or traveling with grandkids. Those interested in booking a multigenerational excursion might be wondering what some of the top grandparent and grandchild trips are. Below, we offer some of our recommendations for a minor traveling with grandparents:


  • National parks: For those looking to stay close to home, there are countless educational learning adventures within the United States at many of our National Parks. Yosemite, Yellowstone, Zion, Acadia, Bryce Canyon, Olympia, Glacier, and the Grand Canyon are some of the many national parks perfect for traveling with grandkids, as they offer unique wildlife experiences and stunning landscapes.
  • United Kingdom: The United Kingdom is another great destination for grandparent trips with grandchildren. With no language barrier, England is a great place to visit, especially with younger grandchildren, as it can be easier for them to interact with locals and communicate with others. The UK is rich in history, with plenty of learning opportunities at castles, museums, and guided tours.
  • Costa Rica: Another exciting vacation for grandparents and grandchildren is to Costa Rica, where families can enjoy adventure and relaxation. Here, grandparents traveling with grandkids can hike through rainforests while learning about active volcanoes and local wildlife, and they can end the day relaxing on one of the many pristine beaches.


Ready for your next grandparent and grandchild trip? Find an adventure today to start making memories that will last a lifetime.