Historic Shawnee’s Premier Courses: Golfing With Your Grandchild

Tee up! Develop your golf game alongside your grandchild and professional PGA & Nike instructors as you enjoy daily practice, instructive lessons and useful tips on two premier courses.
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6 days
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Fore! Take your golf game to new heights as you and your grandchild play at the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, a historic course graced with magnificent trees, picturesque mountains and a beautiful river. Hone your skills during daily small-group instruction and practice each morning with PGA Professionals and NIKE Golf Camp Instructors, who will introduce you and your grandchild to the basics of this great game, including history, etiquette and tips. Then, play nine holes each afternoon to test out your skills on the green!

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Polish your moves during a 30-minute private lesson with your grandchild and a golf pro in addition to your daily instruction and a Master Class from PGA and NIKE Golf Camp instructors.
  • Play golf each afternoon on Shawnee’s 27-hole and Great Bear’s 18-hole championship golf courses to work on the skills you picked up during your morning lessons.
  • Celebrate the end of the week with a special putting contest and a farewell dinner with your teammates and opponents!
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Forget the plaid pants, the white-fringed shoes, the silly caps -- the game of golf has come a long way! And it's experiencing unprecedented popularity with kids. This informative book introduces them to the basics of golf, as well as to the origins and history of the game, golf equipment and etiquette, types of courses, and stars of the past, present and future. This is not simply a how-to book, but an engaging and informative look at an increasingly kid-friendly sport. The comprehensive format will appeal to young golfers just starting out and to those already familiar with the game

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