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Spring Learning Adventures


Spring Learning Adventures


Best Destinations for Your Next Spring Adventure

Come April, we are all a bit tired of the rain and snow, the cold and gloom. It’s time to step outside, smell all the flowers blooming, and feel the sun shining in different parts of this beautiful planet. 

Road Scholar has many places to visit each spring, from hiking destinations to places where the wildflowers explode in brilliant colors. Take a six-day hiking trip to Joshua Tree National Park to see the Palm Oasis and Coachella Valley blooms. Admire the cherry blossoms on a train trek through Japan in the spring. 

To enjoy your spring travel outdoor detox from the cold winter months, Road Scholar has compiled a few of our favorite trips.


1. Birds & Blooms: Spring Tour in the Mississippi River Valley

Join naturalists in the Mississippi River Valley in Minnesota to witness warbler migrations, beautiful spring wildflowers, and seasonal beauty. Spring travel in Minnesota's Mississippi River Valley offers eye candy in the way of gorgeous wildflowers that carpet the woods and the riverbanks. This seven-day spring vacation also provides a behind-the-scenes look at the National Eagle Center to learn about bald eagles and observe migrating waterfowl at Trempeleau National Wildlife Refuge and other secret sites. 


2. Seaside Hikes in Croatia

Spring is a beautiful time to discover the Dalmatian Coast’s seaside villages of Croatia, medieval architecture, and national parks when the weather is perfect, and the crowds haven’t found their way to this part of Europe. 

On this 14-day hiking tour through Croatia, travelers will sample authentic Dalmatian vintages at a local home during lunch. They will study flora and fauna by hiking along the waterfalls and lakeshores of Krka National Park. On this tour, Road Scholar will take you to the island of Brac, famous for its white stone, which was used to build the White House. 


3. The Best of Kenya & Tanzania: A Safari & Cultural Experience

Join a Micro Group program with 12 or fewer participants on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through Kenya and Tanzania. The trip is available year-round, but springtime is a favorite time to visit. 

On this 16-day trip, travelers will discover national parks and rarely explored reserves while searching for the “Big Five” animals. This program follows the yearly migration route, capturing different stages throughout the year. On this unforgettable tour, you will replicate the annual animal migration on a  journey from the Serengeti plains into the Maasai Mara.


Explore Spring Tours With Road Scholar

If you’re looking for the best spring destinations, Road Scholar has you covered. At Road Scholar, we have a wide range of experiential learning programs that can take you throughout the world to enjoy all of the advantages of springtime travel. Through our educational guided tours, you’ll learn about history, geography, wildlife, and culture while discovering new areas with a like-minded cohort of learners.