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Mayan carving at Chichen Itza, Mexico

The mysteries of the Maya and the Aztecs stand quietly within rainforests resting between serene beaches and the mountainous highlands. Centuries of Spanish influence created imposing cathedrals and open plazas within ancient Meso-American cities. Celebrate Mexico’s diversity with Road Scholar on exciting learning adventures at the sacred sites of ancient civilizations, traditional festivals combining the best of diverse cultures and wide-ranging landscapes.

Want to learn more? Check out our Mexico Travel Guide.

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Educational Adventures in Mexico

Mexico is home to some of the world’s most iconic historic civilizations, from the Aztecs in Northwestern Mexico to the Mayans on the Yucatán Peninsula, both nestled within rainforests bordering serene beaches and mountainous highlands. Have an adventure in Mexico to get a taste of the glorious diversity this country has to offer.

At Road Scholar, our Mexico group tours give you the opportunity to explore Meso-American cities influenced by the Spanish. Discover imposing cathedrals, open plazas, and sacred sites of ancient civilizations through one of our Mexico adventure travel tours today.

Mexico Adventure Travel

Group travel to Mexico is an excellent way to discover all the unique sites, landmarks, and cultures found throughout this Latin American country. Get a sense of the best of Central Mexico by exploring bustling cities and quaint towns like Mexico City, Morelia, Guanajuato, Queretaro, Puebla, and Oaxaca. Here, you can better understand the European influence on shaping these cities and towns, taste local cuisine in open-air markets, and learn about indigenous civilizations and the role they play in society today.

Taking an adventure to Mexico also allows you to discover archeological gems and reach elevations of over 6,000 feet in the central highlands. By immersing yourself in the mestizo culture, you’ll gain a true understanding of both yourself and the cultures of this diverse country. Let Road Scholar make this happen by booking your Mexico adventure travel today.

Mexico Group Tours

Our Mexico group tours pair you with like-minded peers in a cohort eager to learn more about the world around them. In our group travel to Mexico, you’ll be placed in a diverse cohort of solo travelers, families, retirees, business people, intellectuals, couples, and more. Together, you’ll explore the gems of Mexico, having spirited conversations and making lifelong memories and friends.

In your group, you can explore areas like Baja, California, a peninsula located in the northwestern area of Mexico, jutting into the Pacific Ocean. Together, you’ll be able to experience the great gray whale migration and Baja’s natural wonders. This adventure to Mexico puts you up close to these gentle giants, allowing you to see some of the largest animals on earth. For more one-of-a-kind experiences like this, browse through our selection of educational travel programs to Mexico today.

Mexico Family Tours

Bring your whole family along with one of our Mexico family tours. Family tours to Mexico are a great way to bring everyone together to create lifelong memories and learn more about the world. Our Mexico family tours are suitable for multigenerational travel, from kids up to grandparents, so each member can partake in the action.

Depending on your preferences, we have a wide selection of Mexico tours to choose from with various ability levels to ensure everyone has a memorable time. Discover San Miguel by foot, one of Mexico’s most artistic cities, or immerse yourself in Mexico City to learn about history, art, and culture. Mexico family tours provide the perfect opportunity for everyone to explore their own interests. Or, you can even stay stateside while learning about Mexico’s influence by exploring the best of New Mexico, including Santa Fe, Taos, and Albuquerque. Book your Mexico family tour with Road Scholar today!