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Gloucestershire, England

From the legendary moors of Cornwall to the Lake District and Hadrian’s Wall, the roots of history and culture in England stretch back more than 5,000 years. Join Road Scholar in England to explore ancient ruins and medieval castles, quaint countryside villages and the exciting streets of London, Oxford and Liverpool. With our world-class instructors, choose from dozens of adventures that leave no stone unturned! Check out our England Travel Tips for more inspiration!

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England Educational Adventures

From the legendary moors of Cornwall to the gorgeous Lake District and Hadrian’s Wall, the roots of history and culture in England stretch back more than 5,000 years. Join Road Scholar for spectacular England sightseeing by foot, train, and boat.

Explore ancient ruins and medieval castles, quaint countryside villages, and the exciting streets of London, Oxford, and Liverpool. With our world-class instructors, choose from dozens of learning adventures in England. Check out our England travel tips for more inspiration!


The Best of England and Wales

Walk in Shakespeare’s footsteps and see the Royal Shakespeare Company perform in one of England's iconic theaters. Discover Oxford and its spectacular spires and intriguing lore with university insiders. These are just a few of the unique experiences travelers have in The Best of England and Wales: Shakespeare to Snowdonia, Castles to Colleges tour. 

Enjoy a comprehensive exploration of England and Wales in this 14-day tour as you discover villages lost in time, cities alive with history, and the famous universities. 


Hiking and Walking Educational Tours in England

Hiking the English Countryside

There are thousands of miles of public and ancient footpaths in Britain meandering over rolling hills, stone villages, and a wealth of historic monuments. In this 15-day tour of the English Countryside, hikers will be hiking up to six miles a day, roaming through the Cotswolds and the Duchy of Cornwall. 

Hiking England’s National Parks

In the north of England lies some of the most beautiful natural scenery England sightseeing has to offer, and it’s yours to explore on foot. The Choose Your Pace hiking adventure in England’s national parks. This adventure is so flexible that you may select hikes from three activity levels on each hiking day. 


Unique England Tours

Whodunit Boat Adventure

With so much history comes opportunities for adventures in England you’ve never experienced. English Murder Mystery, anyone? Join the Road Scholars on the QM2 boat to set sail on a transatlantic learning adventure from New York City to Oxford, England, immersed in a good whodunit.

Winston Churchill Historical Tour

Churchill’s Finest Hour: A Transatlantic Voyage on QM2 will be a 13-day study about the life and career of Winston Churchill. This voyage will take you from New York City to Southampton, England, and his home in Westminster.

Garden Tours

If you are a horticulturist at heart, the Chelsea Flower Show and Gardens 13-day tour will have you stopping to smell all the roses in England. Immerse yourself in the botanical world as you attend the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show and explore England’s finest gardens. 


Best Time for England Travel

When it comes to England travel and the best time to embark on your adventure, it ultimately depends on your preferences and the activities you want to explore. Overall, England experiences a temperate maritime climate, which is comparable to the climate of New England or the Pacific Northwest, as it has mild temperatures with moderate rainfall throughout the year. With that in mind, here’s the best time for England guided tours:

  • Summer: Travel to the United Kingdom is most popular during the summer, as the months between June and August bring longer days and more favorable weather. The summer months bring tourists from across the globe on England tours, as they can partake in outdoor events, explore historical sites, and immerse themselves in the culture without having to worry about wet or cold conditions. Some top activities you can enjoy on small group tours in England during the summer include:
    • Outdoor theater: With warm and comfortable weather, you can attend a play at the world-famous Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London to enjoy open-air theater productions, and learn about Shakespeare’s profound impact on the world.
    • Outdoor markets: There are several outdoor markets throughout England you can visit during the summer months, from the Borough Market in London to the Bath Artisan Market in Bath, where you can find local artisanal goods.
    • Beaches: Like most areas across the globe, summer is the perfect time to enjoy the salty air by the beach. Popular beaches you can visit on England tours include the beaches of Cornwall or the Jurassic Coast.
  • Fall: As the temperatures start to drop and the days become shorter, England transforms into a picturesque backdrop with beautiful fall foliage that perfectly complements the medieval architecture of many of the buildings and squares throughout England. From September to November, England guided tours can take you through parks and rural areas to witness the changing leaves or to popular tourist attractions with smaller crowds. Some of our most popular England travel programs are in the fall, where you can enjoy:
    • National parks: Explore various national parks, such as Exmoor or Broads, through hikes and nature walks.
    • Museums and galleries: There are several museums and galleries that are perfect to visit in the fall, such as the British Museum or the Ashmolean Museum.
  • Winter: While the winter brings the fewest crowds on England tours, it continues to be an exceptional time of year to visit. Not only can you find lower prices and more accommodations, but you can enjoy a variety of unique experiences, such as:
    • Holiday markets: England is famous for its Christmas markets in cities like Bath, Manchester, and Birmingham.
    • Home and garden tours: The winter is a great time for home and garden tours, where many abodes, like the Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, decorate for the festive season.
  • Spring: Once the temperatures creep up, so does England travel. The spring is great for adventurers looking for warmer weather but fewer crowds. The spring also has a stunning display of native blooms that make the countryside pop with color. Some top spring adventures in England include:
    • Cherry blossom gardens: Visit the cherry blossoms in famous gardens like the Kew Gardens in London or the Alnwick Garden in Northumberland.
    • Historic castles: England, and Europe in general, is famous for its castles, and the springtime is perfect for tours of popular chateaus like Windsor Castle or Warwick Castle.

Browse our collection of our most popular travel programs to see where in the world you will end up next.


Experience Travel With Road Scholar

If you can’t make it on a travel expedition in person, Road Scholars has an excellent online tour called Adventures Online: London, The Story of a City. With our experts, trace more than 2,000 years of history during this live, online adventure.  Book your travel and learn more with Road Scholar today.