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Enjoy the royal treatment on our castle tours that bring you to some of Europe’s most enchanting chateaus.

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Castle Tours

At Road Scholar, our European castle tours offer a glimpse into the world of grandeur, where you can learn about the history of noble families while marveling at the opulent architecture and artifacts housed throughout the regal halls. From castle tours in Scotland that bring you to the rugged fortresses in the Scottish Highlands to castles scattered across the German countryside, we have exciting castle tours for everyone.


Must-Visit Castle Tours for Seniors

At Road Scholar, some of our most popular destinations are those that visit some of the world’s most lustrous abodes. On our castle tours, you can discover the tales of kings, queens, knights, and nobles from our expert guides, who bring history to life with insightful anecdotes. Explore some of the countries you can visit on our fascinating castle tours:

  • England: Many of our most popular England tours bring you to the country’s historic castles, each known for their unique stories and character. Our guided castle tours in England bring you to notable landmarks, such as the Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Leeds Castle, and Warwick Castle, where group participants can explore medieval fortifications, walk through perfectly manicured gardens, and learn about England’s rich history.
  • Germany: Known as the country with the most castles, Germany is a top destination for those seeking insights into medieval history while enjoying picturesque landscapes. With a horizon dotted with castles and fortresses, particularly throughout the Rhine and Moselle River valleys, group participants can visit famous castles like the Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenzollern Castle, and Burg Eltz. From hilltop citadels to fairy-tale fortresses, castle travel tours in Germany will surely exceed expectations.
  • Scotland: Our most popular Scotland tours bring you to some of the region’s top castles, such as the world-famous Edinburgh Castle, Urquhart Castle, Culzean Castle, Cawdor Castle, and Stirling Castle. The Scottish Highlands, with its rugged landscape and scenic landscapes, is adorned with numerous castles that tell the story of hard-fought battles, clan rivalries, and historic events. Through our castle tours in Scotland, you can explore well-preserved tours, learn the tales of legendary figures, and immerse yourself in the region’s cultural heritage.
  • Ireland: Our castle tours in Ireland showcase a unique mix of medieval fortifications and stately manors surrounded by lush landscapes. Ireland is home to an abundance of castles, from the Blarney Castle to the Ashford and Bunratty castles, that provide details into the country’s Celtic history. As you explore these castles, you can celebrate a fusion of myth and reality by participating in traditional Irish activities with your diverse cohort.


Join European Castle Tours With Road Scholar

At Road Scholar, our European castle tours allow you to unearth the treasures of Europe’s most prized castles, where every stone tells a story. Led by local experts, you can join a diverse cohort of like-minded adventurers to uncover Medieval secrets while taking in the views of picturesque landscapes, making the grandeur of the past become your present-day reality. Browse our collection of castle tours today to see some of the world’s most famous castles that have stood the test of time.