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Birding Tours for Seniors
Birding Tours for Seniors


Get out the binoculars, and set your sights on these programs designed just for bird lovers. Join ornithologists and local experts in some of the world’s best birding locales, where you’ll observe and learn about a vast array of magnificent bird species.

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Educational Birding Tours

At Road Scholar, we have an expansive collection of educational outdoor adventures, including birding tours. Our birding expeditions allow you to discover unique bird species and learn more about the role they play in their local environments. Join fellow ornithologists and learn from local experts in some of the top destinations for birding. Browse our guided bird tours to see where you can spot and identify your next species.


Learn About Beautiful Bird Species on Birding Tours

At Road Scholar, we have small-group birding tours that can take you across the world to top birding destinations like California, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. No matter where you find yourself through one of our educational outdoor adventures, you can learn a lot from our local experts and ornithologists about some of your favorite or new bird species. Here’s what you can uncover through our comprehensive birding tours:


  • Species identification: Our local experts can teach you how to properly identify various bird species based on their physical characteristics, vocalizations, and behavior. With detailed information, you can strengthen your identification skills and take what you learned on future birding tours. 

  • Habitat preferences: By observing birds in their natural habitats, you can gain deep insights into their habitat preferences, whether it’s a forest in Costa Rica, wetlands in the Southern U.S., grasslands, or coastal areas while learning how these species adapt to their environments.

  • Migration patterns: Bird-watching tours are an excellent way to observe migration patterns and how specific bird species undertake long-distance migrations and why. Through our tours, our experts will teach you about migration routes, timing, and stopover sites for various bird species.

  • Behavior: Birding expeditions allow participants to gain a deeper understanding of various birds’ behaviors, such as feeding, mating displays, nesting, and parental care to grasp breeding strategies and their life cycles better.

  • Vocalizations: Each bird species has its distinct vocalizations and language, and birding tours offer the opportunity to learn and recognize songs, calls, and alarms to understand their communication patterns.

  • Conservation efforts: Throughout our birding tours, our local experts will teach you about local environmental sustainability and conservation efforts to protect endangered or at-risk wildlife, including birds. Participants can learn about habitat loss, pollution, climate change, and other factors threatening bird species.

  • Photography: One of the top highlights of our guided birding tours is the ability to develop your photography and documentation skills. At each location, group members will be able to take time to capture high-quality images and learn how to document sightings.


Embark on Bird-Watching Tours With Road Scholar

Sign up for Road Scholar’s birding tours for seniors today. Through expert-led tours, participants will learn how to identify new species, understand their life cycles and habits, and see what conservation efforts are being made to protect at-risk species. Our birding tours allow you to enjoy spirited conversations with other group members and learn about local history, cuisine, and culture to create an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re interested in Southern U.S. nature retreats or any of our retreats across the globe, we offer one-of-a-kind learning adventures for everyone.