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Get a close-up view of spectacular landscapes, historic marvels and intriguing cultures by exploring the world on two wheels. Led by experts, these biking adventures let you combine your passion for learning with your love of being active in the great outdoors.

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Educational Cycling Tours

Are you looking for an active adventure? Combine exercise with discovery through one of our cycling tours. At Road Scholar, you can choose from an expansive collection of bike trips that provide a close-up view of awe-inspiring landscapes, historic landmarks, and intriguing cultures. Our two-wheeled adventures are led by local experts and allow you to stay active while enjoying your love for learning. See where our biking vacations can take you by exploring our various cycling tours.


Best Bike Trips Around the Globe

Guided cycling tours are perfect for adventurers looking to stay active while exploring a new area. At Road Scholar, our bike trips are perfect for all ages and ability levels. From senior cycling trips to cycling tours for the whole family, you can find a program that works for you. Some of our top bike trips include:

  • Netherlands: The Netherlands is incredibly bike-friendly, and many traffic laws favor cycling over cars to encourage residents to choose the more environmentally friendly transportation option. At Road Scholar, our bike trips throughout the Netherlands will have you riding past colorful tulip fields and iconic and historic windmills. From biking through North Holland and South Holland, you’ll get a unique perspective of how the Dutch live through our cycling tours.
  • Québec: The province of Québec is known for its European-influenced architecture, mouth-watering cuisine, stunning landscapes and rich history. One of the best ways to experience all that Québec has to offer is through our guided cycling tours. Our local experts will bring you through southern Québec on wine tours with stops at places like Lake Memphremagog and the Sutton Massif.
  • France: France is known for its diverse landscape, with the Swiss Alps in the east, the Mediterranean waters in the south, and the Atlantic coast in the west. With that said, there are endless areas you can explore on two wheels to fully encapsulate the beauty France offers. Our biking vacations in France can bring you through traditional villages and past centuries-old castles, as well as through the picturesque vistas of the Alps.
  • Prince Edward Island: Off of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, you’ll find one of Canada’s maritime provinces, Prince Edward Island. Our biking tours of Prince Edward Island allow you to explore some of the 700 miles of coastline that make up this island. From quaint villages to pristine beaches, you can immerse yourself in PEI’s French-speaking culture for a truly unforgettable experience.
  • Maryland: Between Maryland and Pennsylvania, you’ll find the Great Allegheny Passage, a 150-mile path through the Laurel Highlands. Our cycling tour along the Great Allegheny Passage brings you across the Mason-Dixon line to learn about the natural resources and rich history of the Laurel Highlands.


Guided Cycling Tours With Road Scholar

At Road Scholar, we have various outdoor adventures to suit your interests. Whether you’re interested in cycling tours or hiking adventures, we have plenty of programs that allow you to discover the great outdoors while staying active. Our local expert guides will teach you about the history, geography, wildlife, and traditions of the areas you’re exploring, so you can better understand the cultures of the world. Book your biking vacation today to see where you’ll end up next in the world.