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Educational Adventure Trips 2022

Looking forward to resuming your discovery of the world with Road Scholar? A wide range of educational travel adventures for 2022 are now open for enrollment. Now’s the time to secure your space for next year. Don’t miss out on the learning, adventure and friendship with Road Scholar!

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      Trending Adventure Trips 2022

      Are you looking to resume your discovery of the world?  At Road Scholar, we’re committed to providing educational and engaging trips that allow you to explore the world with safety protocols in place to protect your overall well-being. Browse our adventure trips in 2022 that will immerse you in the cultures and environments of unique destinations across the globe. Enroll with Road Scholar today.

      Upcoming and Popular Educational Trips 2022

      At Road Scholar, we have thousands of educational trips in 2022 to choose from that allow you to explore your interests and discover new cultures and traditions. Whether you’re looking to travel to Europe in 2022, Asia, South America, or North America, we have unique and engaging learning adventures that give you privileged access to some of the world’s most iconic destinations. 

      If you’re looking for the best places to travel in January 2022 and beyond, look no further than Road Scholar. In our collection of adventure trips in 2022, you’ll find a wide range of programs you can explore, such as:

      These are just some of the best places to travel in January 2022 through Road Scholar. With hundreds of educational travel adventures to choose from, you’re sure to find a program that piques your interests. Whether you’re looking to go hiking up some of the world’s tallest mountains, take a walking tour of a historic city, or discover the traditions and cultures of a faraway country, Road Scholar has a program for you.

      Safety Precautions for Your Trip in 2022

      At Road Scholar, safety is our number one priority. We understand the world is in a much different place than in years past, which is why we have enhanced safety measures in place to protect the well-being of all of our Road Scholars and the people in the communities we visit.

      So, what can you expect when signing up for an adventure trip in 2022 with Road Scholar? To start, we require all Road Scholar participants and Group Leaders to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at least 14 days before the start of their program. This way, each cohort member can have peace of mind knowing they’re fully protected. 

      We also require participants to bring face masks on their trip and to wear them when required by local organizations or establishments. In addition to these measures, we: 

      • Conduct verbal health checks on each participant to check for any symptoms upon arrival
      • Train our staff on the latest safety protocols
      • Thoroughly sanitize all program equipment and modes of transportation
      • Encourage frequent hand washing and social distancing
      • Provide extra care at mealtime
      • Offer listening devices to learn at a comfortable distance, and 
      • Provide 24/7 emergency assistance

      With these measures in place, you can rest assured knowing your educational trips in 2022 go to plan. For more information on our safety protocols, review our Health and Safety Roadmap.

      Enroll today for adventure in 2022!