5 Unforgettable Ways to Experience Costa Rica

There’s something for everyone in Costa Rica! Whether you love activities that get your adrenaline flowing and your heart pumping, or you prefer a slower-paced look at nature and culture, Costa Rica holds a learning adventure for you. Keep reading to discover five of our favorite activities to help you experience the magic of Costa Rica!

A group of Road Scholars follows a trail in a Costa Rican rainforest

1. Birding

Costa Rica is home to 27 national parks and 8 biological reserves, which provide habitat for an incredible diversity of wildlife. There is a wide variety of bird species in particular in Costa Rica — there are 52 hummingbird species alone that are native to the country! As such, birding is a great way to explore the natural beauty and amazing wildlife of Costa Rica. Whether you want to take your adventure off the beaten path to search for Quetzals by day and owls by night, or your birding list includes Spotted Woodcreepers and Keel-billed Toucans, there’s a birding adventure waiting for you in Costa Rica!

A camera lens gets close to a red and blue frog on a leaf

2. Photography

Any journey to Costa Rica allows for ample opportunity for outstanding photography, but if you’re looking to specifically develop your photography skills, you can do so as well! Join a naturalist photography instructor for lectures and field instruction as you improve your digital photography technique. Through your lens, you’ll gain a new understanding of Costa Rica, and grow your appreciation for the country’s natural wonders, including magnificent flora, unique fauna and impressive geological features.

A group smiles from a blue raft in the middle of a river in Costa Rica

3. Water Sports

From kayaking in gentle river currents to white water rafting to coastal canoeing, Costa Rica holds a host of ways to explore through water sports! Not only do these activities allow for excitement and exercise, but they also offer unique ways to learn about Costa Rica’s ecosystems up-close. In addition to discovering the animals and plants that rely on Costa Rica’s waterways, activities on the water also allow for a unique look at human impact and the relationship of Costa Ricans with their rivers and coastlines.

A man smiles at the camera while holding a cup of Costa Rican coffee

4. Tasting Coffee

The landscapes, soil composition and climate of Costa Rica all lend themselves well to growing excellent coffee. Coffee enthusiasts will love learning about the process behind coffee farming and, of course, sampling some Costa Rican coffee! Looking into the production of coffee also offers deeper insight into the lives of locals through conversations and demonstrations.

Young children smile and wave their arms in front of a volcano in Costa Rica

5. Enjoying All of These Activities With Your Family!

Did you know that you can search for wildlife, go zip lining, learn about regenerative farming and walk through a cloud forest on a suspended bridge, all with your grandchild and family? Bring the next generation of learners on a Costa Rican adventure and experience all of these unforgettable activities together, discovering new things and making lasting memories.

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