Our Must-Visit List for Chocolate Lovers

If you take a poll of favorite desserts and sweet treats, it’s likely that a common response will include “chocolate!” Chocolate has a rich history going back thousands of years, and it is one that is still developing today in places around the world. If you love chocolate as much as we do, these three locations should be on your must-visit list to learn more about the development of chocolate!



The history of chocolate goes far back to the indigenous peoples of Central and South America. The Toltec, Maya and Aztec peoples all prepared chocolate as a beverage, and the Maya people held chocolate in particularly high regard as the food of the gods. Today, Mexico remains a great place to discover more about chocolate, especially at the Mayordomo Chocolate Factory. Here, you can watch as cocoa beans are ground and combined with sugar to create chocolate, and you might even be able to sample a piece! The factory is located in Oaxaca City, which is also home to archaeological sites and museums where you can learn more about the area’s history.

Atole de chocolate, Mexican traditional beverage. Made with cinnamon and chocolate in Mexico



After Spanish conquistadors came to Central America, cocoa beans were introduced to Spain, and chocolate gradually spread throughout the rest of Europe. Now, you can visit le Musée du Chocolat (the Chocolate Museum) in Paris and learn more about chocolate’s history, meet chocolatiers and taste chocolate samples from around the world. By embarking on a learning adventure to Paris with your grandchild or family, you can stop at this must-see museum for chocolate lovers as a part of your exploration of the City of Light.

French mousse cake covered with chocolate glaze.



Did you know that milk chocolate was created in Switzerland in 1876? Switzerland plays a key role in the history of chocolate, as the home to brands such as Lindt and a pioneer in chocolate production. Switzerland also consistently ranks highly in the consumption of the most chocolate per capita. You can learn more about Swiss cuisine and culture on a learning adventure in Switzerland, including journeys by train and by hiking trails.

Chocolate shop in Switzerland.

Did you enjoy learning about chocolate and want to find out even more? Discover the culinary traditions of regions across the world on these learning adventures!