Five Resolutions for a Vibrant Journey in 2024 and Beyond

Does a new year mean a new adventure for you? If you’re like us, you probably feel that best resolutions are aspirations to be inspired by and look forward to. How do you plan to live life to the fullest in 2024?

The New York City skyline with the Statue of Liberty in the front

Urban Adventures:

Maybe it’s discovering a new city. Worldwide, whether it’s New York, Savannah, Istanbul or Québec, vibrant urban communities have it all — museums, incredible cuisine, art, architecture and history. One city equals so many world-class opportunities for adventure!

A group of Road Scholars hiking with towering mountains in the background

The Great Outdoors:

If getting outside inspires you, maybe more outdoor adventures will pepper your calendar in 2024. Hike, bike, kayak or ski. If birding is your passion, discover a new favorite birding locale and add to your life list. Feeling sporty? What about taking up games like golf, tennis or pickleball?

A group of Road Scholars raises their hands as part of a yoga class

Healthy You:

Is this is the year to focus on a healthier lifestyle? Maybe that means a peaceful retreat, taking up yoga, practicing mindfulness or learning about vegetarian cuisine. Wellness is about inspiring health and longevity — let the discovery be the journey!  

A group of Road Scholars watches a chef prepare food as part of a cooking class

Skill Share:

Maybe you’ve been craving a new hobby or skill, like cooking. The world is filled with fascinating cuisines — the flavors of Mexico meld in Oaxaca, Sicily is famous for its cuisine and seafood is king along the Eastern Seaboard. Kansas City has its signature BBQ, and the country of Georgia has a surprising viticulture tradition! It’s a world of possibilities.

A grandparent and grandchild holding kayak paddles and preparing for a boat ride

The Next Generation:

Whether they live across the country or across the street, spending quality time with grandkids might be high on your list. What interests do you have in common? Maybe it’s nature, wildlife, food, water sports or STEM projects — when you start exploring interests together, the options are endless!

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