5 Reasons to Learn at the Chautauqua Institution with Road Scholar

For more than 140 years, inquisitive adults have been coming to the Chautauqua Institution seeking intellectual growth and taking part in events led by some of the leading thinkers of our time. Located in the southwestern region of New York State, Chautauqua is a pedestrian community offering superb educational programs in a serene and breathtaking environment.

There are lots of reasons to love Chautauqua, but we’ve put together five of our favorites — here are our top reasons to visit Chautauqua.

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#1. Enjoy a Road Scholar-exclusive environment.

Summer is peak season at Chautauqua, but programs still take place during the fall and spring sessions. Those sessions are particularly special, as they are exclusive to Road Scholar participants, and offer a more intimate atmosphere in this world-renowned campus. If you’ve already experienced the excitement of Chautauqua’s summer season, you might find an entirely different experience in the off-season.

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#2. Learn from expert instructors.

Just like all Road Scholar adventures, an educational experience in Chautauqua is led by expert instructors from a variety of backgrounds.

Here is a sneak peek at two of our Chautauqua instructors from our program Chautauqua in Fall & Spring: An Exclusive Road Scholar Experience:

Kaye Lindauer

Kaye has studied and taught psychology, literature and theology over the past 45 years. She focuses on combining these disciplines in order to bring new dimensions of understanding to the world's great stories (including mythology, fairy tales and Bible stories). For more than 30 years, Kaye taught graduate and adult education courses in storytelling and literature at Syracuse University.

Greg Ferro

Greg earned his doctorate at Pennsylvania State University. He was a nominee for best teacher in America by the Disney Corporation in 2002 and, in July, 2009, he presented four lectures at Penn State on U.S. foreign policy. Greg has been interviewed numerous times on local radio and television, and authored an article published in Education Magazine.

#3. There are always new topics to learn about.

You’ll never be bored at Chautauqua! In the summer, each week is devoted to a different topic, while spring and fall sessions bring several topics to each week. This means that you could come to Chautauqua many times, and learn about something new each time. Topics have included lectures and discussions on America’s National Parks, literature and foreign policy.

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#4. Stay at the historic Athenaeum Hotel.

Road Scholars enjoy comfortable lodgings at the beautiful Athenaeum Hotel while at Chautauqua. Located in the heart of the Chautauqua campus, this Victorian-style hotel dates back to 1881, and it is one of the largest and oldest wooden hotels left in America. Nicknamed Chautauqua’s “Grand Dame,” this hotel is full of old-world charm, and it is on the list of National Historic Landmarks because of its high ceilings, grand staircases, columns and verandas. The Athenaeum includes modern amenities, so you look forward to staying in comfort in this fascinating building.

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#5. There are many easy ways to make new friends!

Between lectures, classes and performances, there are many educational experiences to discuss with your fellow Road Scholars. But Chautauqua is also well-suited for social opportunities during your down time. In the summer months, you can try kayaking or walking around the lakeside campus with your new friends, or sit back and relax together on the porch of the Athenaeum. There will be lots of chances to engage and bond with other Road Scholars, so you can anticipate heading home with some new friends.

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