Trend and Innovations in Educational Travel for Adults in 2020



Road Scholar in 2020

Innovations in Educational Travel 

Civil Rights movement
Come Face to Face with History on the Civil Rights Trail

Fifty years after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., Americans want to see for themselves the places where history was made. Road Scholar created a journey through the Deep South to teach its participants about the defining clashes of the Civil Rights movement and to introduce them to the heroes who were at the most pivotal events. 

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Great Get Togethers
As Baby Boomers Demand Small Groups, Educational Travel Goes Big

The travel industry is bending to the demands of Baby Boomer travelers. Upgraded amenities and locally sourced food are a few of the elements Boomers look for when they travel. Another is small group size. While Road Scholar offers hundreds of trips with small groups, they have also found a demand for the opposite extreme — very large groups. In 2018, Road Scholar “Get Togethers,” Great American Get Togethers and Great Global Get Togethers, were among the organization’s most popular. These programs are designed for roughly 150 participants at a time, who are divided into much smaller groups for most activities. First-time travelers have been drawn to Road Scholar’s Get Togethers. New Road Scholar participant Debbie J., from Vista, N.Y., said, “The large group size takes away some of the social pressure. It’s a way to ease into educational group travel and meet and mix with lots of different people.”

Winter in Southern Europe
Off-Season is the New On-Season in the Mediterranean

When it comes to travel in the Mediterranean, there are three seasons: peak season (June through August), shoulder season (April and May and September through October), and off-season (November through March). Road Scholar’s “Winter In” series takes advantage of the mild weather, greatly reduced prices and lack of crowds in the winter off-season. In Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and France, Road Scholar participants are able to learn what life is like from a local’s perspective and have authentic cultural experiences that are not possible during the busier tourist seasons — all for an average of about $200 per day.

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Debate at Cornell University
Learn Debate at Cornell University

A rewarding educational travel experience does not always focus on a destination. Working with faculty from Cornell University, Road Scholar developed two experiences titled “Artificial Intelligence: A Debate Workshop at Cornell University” and “Immigration in the U.S.: A Debate Workshop at Cornell University.” On these groundbreaking programs on the campus of Cornell University, participants study a variety of debate formats and methods for analyzing arguments and presenting and defending a convincing case. They learn about a controversial and relevant issue in American society from Cornell faculty who are experts on the topic. Then they participate in, or are part of the audience for, spirited debates on the hot-button issue.  

Learn from the Experts at Road Scholar Conferences

One of the best parts of educational travel is meeting others who share a passion for a theme or destination. For lovers of espionage, military history, foreign policy and more, Road Scholar created a line of innovative conferences in locations in Europe and the United States. Led by authors, active or retired officials and professors, conference attendees learn from the most highly regarded experts in that field. 

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Living & Learning Study Abroad
Who Said Study Abroad Was Just for College?

For adults who are intrigued by the idea of living abroad but have been overwhelmed by the logistics of such an adventure, Road Scholar has the answer: Living and Learning. Participants immerse themselves in the language and culture of Germany, France, Ecuador, Spain and more on these multi-week learning adventures. They live independently like a local, take daily language classes and enjoy group excursions with the support of a Road Scholar Group Leader. 

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Verde Canyon Railway, Sedona, Arizona
Road Scholar's Campus of the Year

Join Road Scholar in Canada in 2020 to experience a country rich in culinary traditions, artistic flair and natural beauty. With over 100 programs to choose from, you’re sure to find your perfect learning adventure.

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Torngat Mountains
Top 10 Learning Destinations for 2020

Our educational travel experts have analyzed the data, researched the trends, talked to our instructors and group leaders around the world and most importantly — listened to our participants — to put together a list of our top places to learn in 2020.

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Road Scholar’s Blogs on Educational Travel
Educational Travel Builds Bridges of Understanding

Connecting with others, we learn firsthand about their beliefs, hopes and dreams. Learning leads to friendship, friendship leads to understanding, and understanding leads to a better and more peaceful world for everyone.  You and your fellow Road Scholars see the world as a place of infinite discovery and Road Scholar embodies the principle that learning together is a powerful and life-affirming way to bond with others.

Jim Moses
The Difference Educational Travel Makes on Communities Worldwide

When someone takes an educational travel adventure, it is obvious how they deepen and enrich their own lives through the experience. But consider the impact he or she makes on individuals and communities around the world …

Hiking Tours in Cinque Terre, Italy
Top 10 Destinations for that Study-Abroad Year You Never Had … or Would Love to Do Again

We asked Road Scholars “If you could live for a year anywhere in the world besides the United States, where would you live and why?” and received 894 responses naming nearly 60 countries around the world. Here are the top 10 places Road Scholars said they would pick to live for a year, and some of the reasons they gave.

Sell Your House and Travel: A Nomadic Grandmother Tells Her Story

Solo travel is on the rise for baby boomers and beyond, especially for solo female travelers, but women who are considering traveling on their own may need a little extra encouragement; research shows that over 20% of women are hesitant to travel solo versus only 7% of male travelers.