How Active Do You Want to Be?

Road Scholar Activity Levels

Every Road Scholar adventure has physical demands, whether you’re halfway across the world in Tibet’s rugged Himalayas hiking at 10,000 feet elevation or sitting in a wing of the Art Institute of Chicago, kindled by an expert’s post-Impressionist talk on van Gogh.

To make it easier for you to find the Road Scholar learning adventure that best suits your physical abilities, we’ve created a unique Activity Level rating system. These Activity Levels are an easy way for you to glance at a program and tell instantly if it's right for you.

New Activity Levels are an easier way to determine the right activity level for you.
Road Scholar Activity Levels
Activity Level 1 Easy Going
Easy Going

Easy Going


“You know what moves me? Exercising my mind. Let’s keep walking to a minimum and avoid stairs when we can.”

Activity Level 2 On Your Feet
On Your Feet

On Your Feet


“Some walking is OK during the day. I can get on and off a coach, and I’m ready to stroll through cities and to stand for a few hours when we’re learning in museums.”

Activity Level Keep The Pace
Keep The Pace

Keep the Pace


“I like to spend most of the day exploring. Whether walking historic neighborhoods at a moderate pace or out and about on a coach, I want my days full. Stairs don’t bother me, and I love to keep up with the group.”

Activity Level 4 Let's Go
Let's Go

Let's Go!


“I’m energetic and enjoy a good physical challenge — let’s spend the day on the move! Whether riding public transit, or walking city streets or village cobblestones, I’m game.”

More Options For You:

Choose your pace.

These programs offers two activity levels to choose from: one that has less walking and fewer stairs and another at a more active pace.

Varies by Date.

The extent of the physical activity is your call. Select the date best for you!

Varies by Choice.

There’s multiple ways to love learning. Enjoy the activity, site or topic of your choice.



Activity Levels Specifically for Our Outdoor Adventures!

We created a separate scale of Activity Levels specifically for our Outdoor Adventures. So, whether you want to go hiking, birding or biking, you’ll easily be able to tell just how active your learning adventure will be!

Outdoor Activity Level 1 No Sweat
Outdoor: No Sweat

No Sweat


“I exercise for fun, not to win contests. I like to explore at an easy pace, stopping to snap photos and smell the roses. Varied terrain doesn’t scare me, but let’s not do anything too extreme.”

Outdoor Activity Level 2 Spirited
Outdoor: Spirited



“I enjoy getting my heart going on my bike or on trails. Nothing beats the thrill of taking on a rewarding climb or ride on varied terrain with inclines. Let’s keep moving — occasional stops only, please.”

Outdoor Activity Level 3 Challenging
Outdoor: Challenging



“I love pushing myself, and I can keep a steady pace on rugged and steep terrain. This is as challenging as it gets? Great. Let’s do this. At the end of the day, I want to feel like I’ve had a real workout.”

More Options For You:

Outdoor: Choose Your Pace

As outdoor enthusiasts know, some days can bring new variables — the weather, the terrain, my energy level — so I enjoy the flexibility of choosing from multiple options of length, challenges and pace.


Outdoor: Varies by Date.

Don’t push too much — or too little! Here’s the chance to select your desired physical challenge by date.