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Why Go With Us?

Welcome to a university of the world

Inspiring instructors, spirited conversations, new friends, new experiences — being a Road Scholar encompasses the best of the university experience. 


Focus on learning

When you travel with Road Scholar you’ll be an active learner, not a passive tourist. Every day is thoughtfully planned to open your eyes to new discoveries, ideas, and people. You’ll learn from expert faculty and meet others who share a love of learning and adventure.

Learning is the top reason people travel with us.

Unbeatable Value

As a not-for-profit organization, our focus is on what you learn, not what we earn. And thanks to donations from our supporters, we’re able to keep our prices low and our programs a great value.

We Take Care of All the Details

We want you focusing on your experience, not worrying about logistics. That’s why we take care of every detail: transportation, lodging, meals and much more. You can rest assured that once your program begins, you’re in the best hands.

“My first Road Scholar experience vastly exceeded my expectations. I returned home inspired, energized and ready to go again. I can see why people literally take hundreds of Road Scholar trips.”

— Eleanor H., Katonah, N.Y. —