Our Commitment to a More Sustainable Planet

At Road Scholar, it's our mission to make the world your classroom. But because of climate change and overdevelopment, our global campus is under threat. From California to Kathmandu, the communities we live in and visit are feeling the impact of a changing planet. Road Scholar is committed to doing what we can to protect the environment, respect and preserve the diversity of human cultures, and create a more sustainable future for generations of lifelong learners to come.



Offsetting Some of the Carbon Emissions Created Through Travel

To counter the impact of travel to Road Scholar programs, we invest in projects that reduce the amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Road Scholar has funded projects in 2022-2023 that offset the amount of CO2 created by flying more than 40 million miles in economy class, which is the equivalent of planting nearly 200,000 seedlings and allowing those trees to grow for 10 years! The projects we invested in include …

• Rainforest preservation in Brazil
• Methane gas recapture in Florida
• Wind energy in India
• Reforestation in Kenya




Prioritizing Eco-Friendly Lodging & Locally Sourced Meals


Whenever we can, we prioritize sustainability certified hotels that use locally owned and operated services, and choose restaurants that serve locally sourced meals.




Respecting Local Communities & Their Histories


Protecting the planet also means caring for the communities that live and work in the areas we visit. That’s why our Group Leaders are trained and will share with you their knowledge about protecting sensitive cultural sites and respecting social norms, such as proper dress and rules around photography.






Promoting Animal Welfare


From the Everglades to the Serengeti, we follow the most stringent standards about protecting the animals and wildlife we are learning about.




Using Paper From Sustainably Harvested Trees


Our program catalogs are printed on paper from sustainably harvested trees.



Learning is the Journey

We know the path to a sustainable future is long and challenging, and we are committed to learn and improve along the way.



Road Scholars in Action

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Environmental Educational Adventures

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