The Elderhostel Endowment Provides
For Today and the Future

Much like a college or university, the tuition Elderhostel charges for Road Scholar programs doesn’t fully support the cost of developing and providing the thousands of educational experiences that we offer each year. Our yearly giving program, the Annual Fund, is an important source of support, but it also does not cover the entire cost.

Providing for Today
This is where the Elderhostel Permanent Endowment plays an important part. Through our endowment, we receive income that supports the annual operations of the organization and helps bridge the gap between tuition and the full cost of offering our programs. Gifts added to our endowment help ensure that we are able to offer life-changing educational experiences today.

Providing for the Future
You can help ensure that future generations of older adults will be able to enjoy the enriching educational experiences and camaraderie of our programs by making a gift to an existing endowment fund or establishing a new endowment fund.

Strengthening the Elderhostel Endowment
Donors can endow named funds that provide unrestricted income and support special purposes, such as scholarships to be awarded to people who love lifelong learning but lack the means to participate. We also welcome additional contributions to existing funds, including our Named Scholarship Funds, our unrestricted Permanent Endowment Fund and the Elderhostel Archives Permanent Endowment Fund.

How to Strengthen the Elderhostel Endowment
Gifts to our endowment fund can be made through outright gifts, bequest or through the remainder interest of a life-income gift.

For more information about making a gift to the Elderhostel Endowment or creating your own Named Endowment Fund, call Ann Lamond, Senior Leadership and Planned Giving Officer, toll-free at (877) 737-0664, or email at
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Support Elderhostel’s endowment and earn lifetime income through a Charitable Gift Annuity.

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