Charitable Gift Annuities

Support Elderhostel and Road Scholar Programs, receive fixed income for life.

A charitable gift annuity creates a simple contract between you and Elderhostel. In exchange for your gift, Elderhostel will pay you a fixed income for life and/or the life of someone you designate. Each gift annuity can benefit one or two individuals. You will receive fixed income during your lifetime and have the satisfaction of supporting lifelong learning.

Consider some of the benefits:

Attractive Rates. Compare our gift annuity rates with those you might receive from a certificate of deposit. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Fixed Income. There is no need to be concerned about fluctuating markets or rates. The amount of your income payments is fixed when you fund your gift annuity, and it will remain the same throughout your lifetime.

Regular Payments. You will receive regular income payments on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual schedule of your choice.

Relief from Taxes. Since part of your contribution for a gift annuity is considered a charitable gift by the IRS, you will receive an income tax charitable deduction to apply to an itemized return. Also, some of your annuity income will be tax-free, increasing the payment value.

Lifetime Benefits. Gift annuities are for life. Each Elderhostel annuity can benefit one or two older adults throughout their lifetimes.

Dependable Source. Elderhostel stands behind all of our gift annuities. We have a reserve fund set aside to meet our obligations and we back up our annuity obligations with the full financial assets of Elderhostel.

Personal Satisfaction. Every time you receive a payment, you will be reminded that your gift benefits Elderhostel and the educational programs you and thousands of others value.

Simple Process. Obtaining a gift annuity from Elderhostel is easy. We provide you with a tailor-made illustration so you can see how it works with your age and contribution amount included. You can share these materials with your family and advisor(s).

Elderhostel charitable gift annuities are available in most states and follow the rates recommended by the American Council on Gift Annuities. No legal advice is provided and individuals should seek the advice of their own legal counsel.

Please contact our office for information on gifts that can help you support Elderhostel and lifelong learning and provide significant benefits to you.

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