Who is a Road Scholar?


They are lifelong learners typically over the age of 50 from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. Students of the world, they are the guests you hope to sit next to at a dinner party. They've led interesting lives because they're interested in everything. And they are exactly the kind of people you want to be learning with as you explore the globe.

Lifelong Learners

MEET MARY N., Class of 2005

“Road Scholar has a reputation as the most academically-based educational travel program. It incorporates unique adventures with challenging topics. I love learning just about anything. I continually try new things in the area of academics, sports, or even new volunteer experiences that create more awareness of my community’s needs. I tend to read books that increase my knowledge and understanding of life. I also make sure I have a lot of fun and pleasure in whatever I do!”

I love learning just about anything.

16 countries visited 32 road scholar adventures

Solo Travelers

Meet Dennis S., Class of 2013

“I’d wanted to go to India for a while, so I decided to give Road Scholar a try. It was the first time I ever did any kind of organized travel program. Considering the quality of the food, the places we stayed, and the price I paid, I really don’t think I could have done something similar on my own. I learned a lot and had unique experiences—like an Indian cooking lesson and meals with families in their homes.”

It was the first time I ever did any kind of organized travel program.

11 Countries visited 1 Road Scholar adventure


Meet Sonia and John G., Class of 1998

“On the second day, an English gentleman asked me if the seat next to mine was taken. I said, “No.” Little did I know that the next two months would be spent sitting next to the man who would become the most important person in my life. As we circumnavigated South America, discovering Brazil, the Amazon, Argentina, and Chile, our knowledge of ecology, history, literature, and politics deepened, and so did our friendship.”

As we circumnavigated South America, our knowledge deepened, and so did our friendship.

22 countries visited 56 road scholar adventures


Meet Mike Zoob & Gwendolyn

“This program was a special event in my life. Time spent with ones grandchild experiencing new things, particularly when its just the grandparent and grandchild, creates a priceless opportunity for bonding with and learning about each other. And then there was the pleasure of watching her try things outside of her normal experience. I now have the challenge of staying in good enough shape to attend programs with my three other grandchildren. Thats something I look forward to very much.”

Time spent with one’s grandchild experiencing new things ... creates a priceless opportunity for bonding.

54 countries visited 98 road scholar adventures

Super Fan of the Month


“I am semi-retired and still work as a tax accountant from Feb 15 to April 15th. I am 77 and live in Concord, CA with my husband of 56 years, Bill. We went on our first program in 1996 to Kenya when Bill turned 55. I have been on 22 programs, including five grandparent programs. My favorite was the Kenya trip and the Harry Potter grandparent program. We hope to go to the south seas sometime soon. That is on my bucket list!”

Fun fact: I play the violin and bugle and sing in a woman’s chorus.

77 years of adventure 22 Road Scholar programs
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