Law and Order: The Drama of the Criminal Justice System
From crime scene to verdict, follow a case through the criminal justice system. Learn from police, 911 operator, medical examiner, defense, prosecutor, judge before you deliberate.
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6 days
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At a Glance

Begin the week with a crime created especially for you! Follow the case as it moves through the criminal justice system, from securing the crime scene to forensics to trial. Meet and learn from real practitioners in the field. Learn how defense and prosecution attorneys put together their game plans. Understand the process of selecting jurors, what judges tell them and why. It all comes together at the end of the program when you deliberate, reach a verdict and discuss the outcome.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • With a retired chief of police officer, learn how the police respond to the scene and the steps they take to secure the area for the forensics team.
  • Field trip to the Pinellas County Forensic Lab and learn how evidentiary analysis is performed in multiple forensic disciplines.
  • Meet a state attorney to learn about arraignment, charges, pleadings, discovery, evidence, jury selection and how the prosecutors work with the police.
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