Gettysburg With Your Grandchild: Civilians, Soldiers & Stories
Relive one of our nation’s most defining moments as you and your grandchild discover The Battle of Gettysburg, experiencing the museums, monuments and culture of this historic site.
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At a Glance

Make your way to Gettysburg with your grandchild to learn together about the three fateful days that turned the tide of the Civil War. Licensed Battlefield Guides bring history alive as you experience the most pivotal battle ever fought on American soil. Climb the boulders of Devil's Den and find out how doctors cared for the wounded, and hear the people of Gettysburg as they tell you in their own words what it was like to witness the fighting.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Pretend you’re a Southern soldier and reconstruct Pickett's Charge to experience life as a Confederate infantryman.
  • Learn about the 2,400 civilians who called Gettysburg “home” at the time of the battle, including George and Hettie Shriver, whom you meet inside their home, restored to its 1860 appearance.
  • Be entertained by a folk musician who plays Civil War-era music on his handmade dulcimer, banjo, accordion and harmonica — then try out one of these instruments yourself.

General Notes

Program is for grandchildren ages 10-13.
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