Malta, Keystone of Mediterranean History
From ancient limestone temples to Europe’s first-ever planned city, from unique culinary traditions to world-class architecture and art, Malta is a wonder to explore.
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The tale of 7,000 years of human history is told in the honey-colored limestone of Malta, fashioned into architecture dating from prehistory through the Bronze Age and into Roman, medieval, Norman, Baroque and British colonial times. Examine the world's largest collection of UNESCO World Heritage monuments, including the world's oldest free-standing structures, massive 16th century fortifications, palaces of noblemen and knights, and WW2 war rooms on a journey from incredible past into vibrant present. Lingering echoes of the days of British occupation keep this delightful destination comfortably foreign but easy to navigate, with signs and newspapers in English. Abundant sunshine, a nearly constant view of the sea and a temperate climate add to the appeal. The frequent use of Malta as a location for the filming of major motion pictures also makes many parts of it seem already somehow familiar. "A Symphony in Limestone", myths and legends of the distant past rise from the pavements to enhance a full course of lectures by various experts in their fields.
Activity Level
Groups will walk up to 1 mile per day. Walking on sometimes hilly terrain with some worn stone-paved and some unpaved surfaces, and on wooden walkways. Standing at cultural sites and stair climbing.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Step back in time with a full day on the sleepy sister island of Gozo, where (so it is said) Calypso enchanted Ulysses for seven years
  • Share a meal with invited local residents.
  • View Malta's incredible collection of archaeological treasures, from ancient megalithic temples to artifacts of the Phoenician and Roman eras -- including the oldest freestanding buildings on Earth!
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Marius J. Zerafa
“St. Jerome” was painted in Malta by Caravaggio when he was a killer on the run. In 1984 it was stolen, and Father Marius Zerafa, then Director of Museums, was contacted for the ransom. Now retired, Father Zerafa shares his personal story of the theft, intrigue and ultimate recovery with participants, all the while presenting a vivid portrait of Caravaggio, his time in Malta and his pivotal place in the evolution of art in the period.
Joseph Magro-Conti
Marius J. Zerafa
Lawrence Ancilleri
Charles Dalli
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