Washington D.C.

Discover Washington, D.C.: The Best of the Capital

Discover D.C. through expert-led explorations of Capitol Hill, the memorials and topical issues. Plus, enjoy visits to three Smithsonian museums and a live show at a local theater!
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6 days
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Experience the invigorating environment of America’s capital city with American Civics Center as knowledgeable instructors immerse you in a wide-ranging exploration of Washington D.C.’s iconic memorials, eclectic neighborhoods and topical conversations. During meetings with members of Congress (as available) and seminars with D.C. insiders, discuss policy issues and explore vital history. Delight in an introduction to Washington’s vibrant cultural institutions as you venture into the Smithsonian Museums, National Gallery of Art, Library of Congress, Kennedy Center and attend a live performance at a local theater.
Activity Level
Keep the Pace
Walking 1-2 miles per day, including to/from motor coaches; some standing.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Gain historical insights while visiting Washington’s most treasured monuments and its newest memorials.
  • Explore America’s unique political system on visits to the White House, U.S. Capitol and U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Visit a working embassy to explore another nation’s identity and their government’s view of America and the wider world.
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Gary Regan
Gary Regan is a former U.S. Army officer who has worked at the Library of Congress and the U.S. Treasury. Since retiring in the mid-1990s, Gary has volunteered with Washington, D.C.-area organizations devoted to the performing arts and Americans with disabilities, and he is active in men's chorus and is an avid gardener. His expertise is in American history, modern European history, philosophy, French and Spanish.

Please note: This expert may not be available for every date of this program.

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Gary Regan
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Brendan Quinn
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Anna Patton
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by Meg Greenfield
An instant classic on the way Washington works-and a witty, provocative portrayal of the tribes that run it-by a revered Washington writer and editor. Meg Greenfield, the illustrious long-time editorial page editor of the Washington Post, has written an instant classic that is as wise as it is wry. Greenfield came to Washington in 1961 at the beginning of the Kennedy administration and joined the Washington Post in 1968. Her editorials at the Post and her columns in Newsweek were universally admired in Washington for their insight and style. Here Greenfield provides a portrait of the United States capital at the end of the American century. Washington is an eccentric, tribal, provincial place where the primary currency is power. For all the scandal and politics of Washington, its real culture is surprisingly little known, and Meg Greenfield explains the place with an insider's knowledge and an observer's cool perspective.
The Washington National Mall
by Peter R. Penczer
The Washington National Mall" is the first general history of America's greatest urban park. Learn the fascinating stories behind the monuments and museums, from the best known to the most obscure. The Capitol, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial are all here, as are forgotten landmarks such as the Fish Commission, the Redwood Tree House, and Braddock's Rock. This amply illustrated volume has more than 100 archival photographs, many never before published, as well as recent color photographs of the monuments and museums. A detailed two-page map of the Mall and the surrounding area serve as a handy reference guide for visitors.

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