Russian River Voyage From St. Petersburg to Moscow

Explore the many wonders of Russia as you journey its waterways with experts, exploring St. Petersburg, ancient villages, the wooden churches of Kizhi and the grandeur of Moscow.
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Immerse yourself in the vast country of Russia through the prism of life along its waterways. Alongside top-notch instructors, start your journey exploring modern life in dynamic Moscow. Then sail the Volga River to experience Russia’s cultural wealth along the lakes, canals and in the region’s traditional villages before learning about Russia’s imperial past in St. Petersburg. Through walking explorations and expert-led discussions, you’ll have the opportunity to compare and contrast Russia’s fascinating history with its current political and economic policies.
Small Group
Small Group
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Best of all, you'll ...

  • Discover the fairytale islands and monasteries in the Lake region noted for its spectacular medieval architecture and unique icons.
  • Explore the Kremlin Armory Chamber, housing a unique collection of Russian royal treasures including Fabergé eggs and Russian imperial crown jewels.
  • Step inside the opulent palaces of the Romanov tsars, admire the collection of the Hermitage and enjoy an evening of dance and music in Saint Petersburg.
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Catherine the Great
by Robert K. Massie
Eager readers of Massie's Nicholas and Alexandria or the Pulitzer Prize-wining Peter the Great will not be disappointed by this latest, an old-fashioned tale of politics, power and 18th-century Europe, drawing effectively from the ambitious Catherine's own memoirs.
The Winter Queen
by Boris Akunin, Andrew Bromfield (Translator)
Akunin sets a suspected murder among the glitterati of late 19th-century Moscow in this first book in the series of clever detective novels starring the rascal Erast Fandorin, wildly popular in Russia. The series continues with: The Turkish Gambit (RUS263), set during the 1877 Russo-Turkish War; Murder on the Leviathan (RUS225), an homage to Christie; and The Death of Achilles (RUS291), back in Moscow. Fandorin is deputy to the governor-general of czarist Moscow in Special Assignments (RUS371), facing a serial murder and a swindler.
The Hermitage: A Journey in Time and Space
by Kultur Video
This 116 minute documentary, directed Vladimir Ptashchenko and accompanied by orchestral music, showcases the extraordinary collections, Originally established as the private collection of the Russian Empress Catherine the Great.
by Edward Rutherfurd
In this absorbing, complex novel Rutherfurd transforms Russian history into an epic saga. The bestseller follows the fate of interconnected families over 800 years. Catherine the Great, Tolstoy, Pushkin and Rasputin all make appearances.
Russia of the Tsars
by Peter Waldron
Waldron recounts the exploits of Peter the Great and the Tsars and the splendor of their capital city, St. Petersburg, in this lively, well illustrated and compact overview of the largest and most diverse empire of its day.
Odyssey Guide Moscow, St. Petersburg & The Golden Ring
by Masha Nordbye, Patricia Lanza (Photographer)
A comprehensive guide to the art, culture and history of two great Russian cities, filled with maps and fine color photographs.
Russian Short Stories
by Robert Chandler (Editor)
This fine collection of tales captures the sweep and soul of Russian literature, including works by Pushkin, Gogol, Dostoevsky, Chekhov and Tolstoy along with lesser-known greats.
The Ransom of Russian Art
by John McPhee
McPhee tackles a rather unusual topic for him: the story of suppressed Russian art and the man who brought it to America.
Vodka, A Global History
by Patricia Herlihy
A professor of history at Brown, Patricia Herlihy tracks our fascination with this most versatile of spirits from its mysterious 14th Century Slavic origins to today's global dominance in this throughoughly entertaining, erudite and illustrated short history. A volume in the lively Edible History Series, which also includes the ideal companion: Olives, A Global History.
Moscow Map
A handy, folding map of Moscow.
Crime and Punishment
by Fyodor Dostoevsky, David McDuff (Translator)
Dostoevsky's thriller of murder and redemption is redolent of St. Petersburg's atmosphere. A cornerstone of Russian literature, and one of the greatest detective stories ever told.
Communism, A History
by Richard Pipes
This short, fiercely critical history of communism provides a compelling overview, from the ideas of Karl Marx to the end of the 20th century.
Russia, A Concise History
by Ronald Hingley
Well-known scholar Hingley sketches Russia's multiple transformations from her illiterate, pagan, Slavic roots to a multi-ethnic empire in this highly readable, well-illustrated brief history.
Speak, Memory
by Vladimir Nabokov
Nabokov's richly imagined memoir wonderfully evokes cultural life among the well-to-do in turn-of-the-century St. Petersburg.
Romanov Riches, Russian Writers and Artists Under the Tsars
by Solomon Volkov
Volkov effortlessly unwinds the twisted relationship between art and the royal family from the rise of the Romanovs in 1613 to their downfall in 1917, including a chapter on Catherine the Great and her era.
Eyewitness Guide St. Petersburg
by Eyewitness Guides
With excellent local maps and site plans, this outstanding visual guide introduces the culture, history and attractions of St. Petersburg.
Sunlight at Midnight: St. Petersburg and the Rise of Modern Russia
by W. Bruce Lincoln
A wonderfully written, informative portrait of St. Petersburg, focusing on the city's development in the 18th and 19th centuries as Russia's "window on the West." Highly recommended for travelers with an interest in the character and significance of the city and its monuments.
Culture Smart! Russia
by Anna King
A concise, no-nonsense guide to local customs, etiquette and culture with a short overview of the land and people along with practical travel advice.
Land of the Firebird, The Beauty of Old Russia
by Suzanne Massie
Massie traces both minuscule details and larger movements in pre-revolutionary Russian art, literature and daily life in this affectionate overview of 19th-century palaces, courts and culture.
Catherine the Great, A Short History
by Isabel De Madariaga
A brief survey of the reign of Catherine the Great that nicely balances biography with descriptions of the economic, political and social life of the period.
Russia from St. Petersburg to Moscow Map
by Falk Maps
A detailed map of northwest Russia at a scale of 1:750,000, well-suited for a river cruise between St. Petersburg and Moscow. It covers all but the northernmost extent of the route.
A Traveller's History of Russia
by Peter Neville
An impressively compact, lively survey of Russian history from the coming of the Slavs to the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Lenin's Tomb
by David Remnick
A gripping eyewitness tale of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Remnick, the Washington Post reporter on the scene, combines fine historical scholarship with great storytelling.
Peter the Great, His Life and World
by Robert Massie
In this Pulitzer Prize-winning biography, Massie portrays the giant of history who transformed Russia from backwater tsardom into a major empire.
Eyewitness Guide Moscow
by Eyewitness Guides
This outstanding guide covers Moscow's culture, history and attractions with maps, site plans and hundreds of color photographs.
The Art and Architecture of Russia
by George Hamilton, Judith Gordon
An elegantly written introduction to the art and architecture of Russia. Published in 1954, it's a good handbook for the traveler that goes beyond Moscow and St. Petersburg. Includes 314 black-and-white illustrations.
St. Petersburg Map
by Berndtson & Berndtson
A detailed, laminated city plan of St. Petersburg, with street index inset. Place names are in transliterated English.

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