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Commanding the Ocean: Atlantic Powers on Queen Mary 2
Follow the development of maritime of maritime power and technology, and the challenges of controlling the Atlantic on a journey from New York City to London on QM2.
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The sea is a friend and a foe, an essential ally and an unyielding adversary. A strong naval force can overcome the sea’s obstacles providing safety and sustenance, protecting merchant and fishing ships and projecting power without physical force. Aboard the illustrious Queen Mary 2, sail from New York to London, where British and American forces clashed and transalantic trade changed the long-standing status quo, explore the development of maritime power through the Age of Exploration and the naval battles of World War II.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Learn about New York City’s role as a prominent port in the New World at South Street Seaport.
  • Explore England’s storied dockyards at Portsmouth and Chatham, exploring historic warships and expansive museums.
  • Sail down the River Thames on a clipper ship from London to the historic UNESCO sites of Greenwich.
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