The State of the World: Contemporary Issues & Past Lessons

With experts from the BBC, Al Jazeera and the University of Oxford, delve into the pressing topics of modern politics during a special conference at Oxford University.
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At a Glance

In a world that is rapidly changing, a new era of global politics is dawning. Controversial elections, clandestine wars and increasing insurgency are becoming the norm as we enter a “post-truth” age. Gather with fellow Road Scholars at world famous Oxford University to meet with acclaimed experts and commentators to discuss how these changes have materialized, the effect this has on the future of peace and what lessons we can learn from the past. Intelligence experts, political commentators and Middle East authorities, among others, will be your guides into this fascinatingly relevant and vitally important conference event.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Join Dr. Phillip Cunliffe, an expert in international conflict at the University of Kent, for a week-long immersion into the complexities of modern politics.
  • Attend lectures led by historians, published authors, intelligence specialists and experts from the BBC, Al Jazeera and the University of Oxford.
  • Delight in the ambiance of learning at Oxford College at St. Hugh’s and attend a gala dinner.

General Notes

This conference program has a maximum of 120 like-minded participants, is classroom-based and features acclaimed experts. For field trips, the group will be divided into smaller groups.
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