Raquette Lake
Adirondack Great Camp Adventure: Sagamore's Family Program
Celebrate the great outdoors with your family at the former wilderness estate of the Vanderbilts, where you’ll hike, canoe, stargaze and learn the story of the Adirondacks.
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7 days
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7 days
6 nights
17 meals
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Getting There
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Registration, Orientation
Raquette Lake
Great Camp Sagamore

Afternoon: Registration begins at 4:00 PM at Great Camp Sagamore.

Dinner: Dinner is at 6:00 in the dining hall overlooking Sagamore Lake. A bell calls you to your meals at Sagamore. The chef will carefully prepare buffet meals provided in our paneled dining room with splendid views of Sagamore Lake. Dinners typically include selections such as: a hot entry, like creamed chicken over biscuits, veggie lasagna, pot roast, spaghetti/meat balls, roasted turkey, stuffed pork loin, or ham; salads, along with several dressing choices; potatoes, rice or pasta; a vegetable choice; bread or rolls; milk or juice. Coffee & tea are always available. You and your family will go through the buffet line together and sit together for this (and all) meal/s. Note: Sagamore's buffet line is bountiful and varied. If you do not think that you can choose the foods you need for your special diet from the buffet, please supplement with your own that may be stored for your convenience in our walk-in cooler and/or cooked in an available microwave. Beer and wine are available for purchase. Sagamore's water is pure and delicious. Please do not bring bottled water.

Evening: Welcome meeting and orientation to facility includes introductions and itinerary discussion. Please note that itinerary plans are subject to change if we feel we can improve this program for you. Generally speaking the morning is for outdoor activity, the afternoon for crafts and music, and the evening for special events. Educationally, we try to link outdoor activities with age-specific crafts. Depending on the number of participants in your session, you may find yourself joining the 'moose,' 'bear,' or 'deer' group for activities. This way, everyone gets a chance to cycle through the activities in small (12-ish/6 adults and 6 children) groups. Grandparents, parents and grandchildren participate in the activities together. Evening activities will include all three generations while other activities may be grandparents and grandchildren or parents and children. During kids club in the afternoon we will entertain the youngest generation allowing parents and grandparents some time on their own. Weather, availability of materials, input from you, costs, and many unpredictable things can cause itinerary changes. We are sure you understand. Sagamore and Road Scholar have been intergenerational partners for over a decade and we are proud of our success together. Our aim is to help you, your children and grandchildren build memories, develop appreciation for nature, and strengthen the bond between generations. We hope you will enjoy your experience.

Hiking on the Lake Trail, Crafts in the Hen House, Barn Dance tonight!
Raquette Lake
Great Camp Sagamore

Breakfast: All breakfasts are served at 8:00 in the Vanderbilt dining hall, with lovely views of the sun rising over the mountains of the Blue Ridge Wilderness. Breakfast choices typically include selections such as: one hot entry, like blueberry pancakes, egg strata, french toast, or scrambled eggs; hot & cold cereal & milk; a variety of donuts, bagels & pastries; and several juices. Coffee, tea, and very pure Sagamore water are always available to guests.

Morning: We'll start with an all-camp meeting to review the activities of the day. Next we'll have a song or two. Now our group/s will be ready for an outdoor activity like streamwalking, canoeing, hiking, nature discovery, or camp games. Activities are age appropriate, instructive, and fun.

Lunch: Lunch in the Sagamore dining hall. Lunches typically include selections such as: sandwich meats, cheeses, breads and condiments: a hot entree like macaroni & cheese or soup; various salads, like cole slaw or potato salad; cookies or granola bars; a variety of fresh fruits; milk and a variety of juices or lemonade. Coffee, tea, Sagamore water are always available.

Afternoon: Groups visit the craft house and then switch to an outdoor activity. Sessions are about an hour. Crafts are age-appropriate and fit the theme/s presented during the week in outdoor activity sessions. Crafts are taught by a certified art teacher. Music is taught by Adirondack musicians who are teachers and recording/performing artists. At about 4:00, the grandkids will attend "Kids' Club" and the grandparents and parents have a break. It may be a time for a nap or socializing with adult family member or other adults in the program.

Dinner: Dinner in the Vanderbilt Dining Hall.

Evening: BARN DANCE tonight after a scrumptious dinner. Promenade and swing-your-partner! No previous experience necessary. Just listen to the music and the calls. You'll be dancing with the best of them in no time!

Canoeing on Sagamore lake, Crafts and Music, Campfire tonight!
Raquette Lake
Great Camp Sagamore

Breakfast: Breakfast in the Sagamore Dining Hall. Today there is the possibility that you will make your lunch to take with you on the outdoor activity.

Morning: We are ready for another outdoor activity after our camp meeting and songs. Depending on the group size, Today's activity might be a paddle on Sagamore Lake or a walk along the Sagamore outlet stream to look for amphibians and other water creatures.

Lunch: Lunch in the Dining Hall at noon.

Afternoon: We'll spend time making music and singing in the Playhouse or working on arts and crafts in the Hen House.

Dinner: Dinner at 6:00 in the Dining Hall.

Evening: CAMPFIRE. Everyone who has been to camp has a wonderful memory of a campfire. Ours is held at Sagamore's classic Adirondack lean-to, where we'll sing songs, tell stories and roast marshmallows for 'Smores!

Outdoor activities in the morning, Free Afternoon, Concert tonight in the Playhouse.
Raquette Lake
Great Camp Sagamore

Breakfast: Breakfast is at 8:00. Possible pack-out lunch.

Morning: Outdoor activities may include stream walks, canoeing, hiking, and/or camp games. The goal of Sagamore's Family Program is to allow every participant of every age the opportunity to engage as many activities for the week, while keeping in mind that not every activity will be appropriate for every age group.

Lunch: Lunch is on your own, either in camp or out of camp.

Afternoon: FREE TIME: Families may spend the day out of camp exploring local venues. Many participants choose to visit the nearby Adirondack Museum (30 minute drive) or Wild Center Natural History Museum (60 minutes). Perhaps you'll want to do some exploring on your own, either in or out of camp. We'll also have a special crafts project for those who wish to stay in camp (pre-registration and fee explained during camp orientation).

Dinner: Dinner is at 6:00 in the Dining Hall.

Evening: CONCERT. Tonight is a concert by your music instructor/s. Be ready. You might be invited to sing along!

Outdoor Activity, Arts & Crafts, Night Hike or Star-Gazing.
Raquette Lake
Great Camp Sagamore

Breakfast: Breakfast is at 8:00 in the dining hall.

Morning: After our morning meeting, we'll break into groups once more. Activities might include learning paddle-boarding, wildlife identification, or camping skills.

Lunch: Lunch is at noon in the Sagamore Dining Hall.

Afternoon: CRAFTS. We'll work more on our Crafts project in the Henhouse, and continue music in the Playhouse

Dinner: Dinner in the Sagamore Dining Hall.

Evening: NIGHT-TIME ACTIVITY. Tonight will head outdoors for an evening outdoor activity, perhaps a session on star-gazing to learn about the constellations so prominent in Sagamore's night sky, or a night hike to learn about the animals that are active only after the sun goes down.

Finish Crafts and Outdoor Activities
Raquette Lake
Great Camp Sagamore

Breakfast: Breakfast in Sagamore Dining Hall.

Morning: This morning will be spent learning one of our several Outdoor Skills.

Lunch: Lunch in the Dining Hall.

Afternoon: Finish crafts. Ask the music instructors to help you get ready for creativity night. Play games at "Kids' Club." Or do a combination of all three!

Dinner: Our last dinner will be a classic Outdoor Barbecue at Sagamore's Lakeside picnic area.

Evening: CREATIVITY NIGHT. This is the night we have been waiting for: Creativity Night. Show the craft you made this week, tell a joke, sing a song with your grand/child/parent, or play a ditty. Whatever you do, expect warm applause. This is our last evening together and we know we will always remember it.

Group Photo and Goodbyes!
Raquette Lake

Breakfast: Our last meal together will be breakfast in the Dining Hall. Perhaps we'll "finish with a flourish" and sing some songs we've learned over the course of the week.

Morning: Check out is at 10:00, but before we depart for the week, we'll all get together for a group photo. Then we'll say our goodbyes, hopefully until next year!