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On The Road: Erie Canal, Monument of Progress That Shaped a Nation
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The completion of the Erie Canal in 1825 spurred the first great westward movement of American settlers, gave access to the rich land and resources west of the Appalachians and made New York the preeminent commercial city in the United States. Discover the history of the Erie Canal and its enormous impact on the development of our nation. Study the canal from the perspective of the innovations in engineering required to complete it, and examine the influence of this transportation route that opened trade into the heart of America, turning small towns into blossoming cities and in turn inspiring social change, cultural progress and religious movements.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Cruise through canal towns and along the only restored aqueduct.
  • More than just the canal route, examine the region’s pivotal American history from Colonial Times through the 20th century.
  • Explore geology, architecture and modern innovations along the historic Erie Canal.
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