Intergenerational England: Go Undercover in the World of Spies
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At a Glance

Enlist your favorite young secret agent to discover the secrets of the world of spies in England. Learn how to analyze fingerprints, decipher codes, identify suspects and become a “master of disguise.” Intelligence expert and author Nigel West uncovers the stories of spies from the CIA, MI6 and the KGB. Explore the grand old city of London and historic Oxford and Cambridge.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Expert-led field trips reveal the secrets of London at sites including the underground Churchill War Rooms, the Tower of London and the Dungeons.
  • Learn how to crack codes at Bletchley Park, where English code breakers deciphered enemy secrets during World War II.
  • From fiction (James Bond and Sherlock Holmes) to reality (MI6 and the Cambridge Five), investigate exciting cloak and dagger tales.
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