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Belgium: Art & Architecture Along the Waterways

Wind your way through the scenic canals and rivers of Flanders by barge and learn from experts about the artistic and architectural masterpieces of Belgium along the way.
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Program No. 20370RJ
9 days
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Belgium: Art & Architecture Along the Waterways

Wind your way through the scenic canals and rivers of Flanders by barge and learn from experts about the artistic and architectural masterpieces of Belgium along the way.
9 days
Starts at
Program No. 20370 RJ
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At a Glance

While barging the delightful canals and rivers of Flanders, discover the superb artistic heritage of Belgium, particularly in the famed "Flemish Primitives." Marvel at the works of Memling, van Eyck and Bruegel with art experts at some of Belgium's best museums. Taste sublime chocolates, Belgian brews and other local delicacies. In Bruges, Antwerp and Brussels, admire architectural grandeur that has transcended time.
Small Group
Small Group
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Best of all, you'll ...

  • Discover the lovely, historic canals and rivers of Belgium aboard an exclusively chartered barge.
  • Visit Breendonk, a military fortification outside Brussels that housed Jews and political prisoners during World War II.
  • Visit outstanding museums to admire works by the Flemish Masters including Peter Paul Rubens and Jan van Eyck.

General Notes

While you are taken by bus to the various sites outlined in the program’s itinerary, the barge makes its way to the next port, and meets you there at the end of the day. (No barging during the night). Both 2020 and 2021 departures will be aboard the Liza Marleen.
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You can find many of the books we recommend at the Road Scholar store on bookshop.org, a website that supports local bookstores.
Painting and the Market in Early Modern Antwerp
by Elizabeth Honig
An insightful, illustrated study of the transformation of Flemish society.
by Walter S. Gibson
A volume in the excellent "World of Art" series, Gibson's book dispels the myth of Bruegel the simpleton artist and replaces it with a portrait of a man who understood the needs of his patrons. With many black-and-white and color reproductions of the paintings.
Eyewitness Guide Belgium and Luxembourg
by Inc. Dorling Kindersley
Another gem in the Eyewitness series, this superb guide is handsome, convenient and up-to-date; it's the guide to carry. Featuring color photography, dozens of excellent local maps and a region-by-region synopsis of the country's attractions.
by Anita Shreve
Shreve adeptly explores the themes of love and loss in her WWII story of a married Belgian woman who falls in love with the British pilot she is sheltering as part of the underground resistance movement.
Eyewitness Guide Brussels, Bruges, Ghent & Antwerp
by Rebecca Miles
This superbly illustrated guide features color photos and maps of city neighborhoods, with information on history, culture and sightseeing.
by Kristin Lohse Belkin
Belkin chronicles the 17th century artist Peter Paul Rubens from his early family life to his influential interactions with the Italian Renaissance masters and finally to Antwerp, where he rose to fame as a renowned painter and diplomat to the royal courts of Europe.
Mammals of Europe
by Priscilla Barrett, David W. MacDonald
Published by Princeton, this is a field guide to land and marine mammals throughout Europe, both endemic and introduced. With more than 600 color illustrations of over 200 mammals.
The Undutchables
by Colin White
A laugh-out-loud, irreverent guide to Dutch character and habits, including how to drink coffee and why you shouldn't even think about haggling over prices.
Culture Smart! Belgium
by Mandy Macdonald
A concise, well-illustrated and practical guide to local customs, etiquette and culture.
Belgium/Luxembourg Map
by HEMA Maps
A colorful map of Belgium and Luxembourg at a scale of 1:250,000.
The Autumn of the Middle Ages
by Johan Huizinga
A pioneering work of social and cultural history, this well translated classic is a richly detailed portrait of life, thought and art in 14th- and 15th-century France and the Netherlands.
Good Beer Guide Belgium
by Tim Webb
The sixth edition of Webb's invaluable guide to breweries, beers and bars.
Flemish Art and Architecture 1585-1700
by Hans Vlieghe
A lavishly illustrated overview of the art of the southern Netherlands from 1585-1700.
Niccolo Rising
by Dorothy Dunnett
From the reigning queen of historical fiction comes this fast-paced, thoroughly-researched novel of ambition and worldly goods in 15th-century Bruges. This is the first volume in her House of Niccolo series.

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