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Some of the most unique and exciting birding happens in New Zealand. Come discover why as you learn from experts while exploring diverse ecosystems and spotting kiwis, kakapos and more.
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When the land mass that would become New Zealand broke off from the prehistoric supercontinent of Gondwana, it was home to no predatory mammals. For millennia its birds of the air and sea multiplied, evolved and flourished. Meet the results of this ideal environment: the famous Kiwi, a source of national pride; the critically endangered Kakapo, a unique nocturnal parrot; the beautiful gannets, seabirds whose very first flight takes them 1,500 miles to Australia; and countless more.
Activity Level
Outdoor: No Sweat
Walking up to two miles daily over varied terrain. Elevations of 4,000 feet.
Small Group
Small Group
Love to learn and explore in a small-group setting? These adventures offer small, personal experiences with groups of 10 to 24 participants.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Marvel at the endangered Takahe (or Notornis), a strange flightless bird believed to be extinct for 50 years until it was rediscovered.
  • At the Miranda Shorebird Centre, learn about the incredible migration of the godwits to Alaska and back.
  • Experience New Zealand’s amazing geographical diversity from mountain passes in the Southern Alps to pristine rainforests.

General Notes

All Road Scholar birding programs have a maximum participant-to-instructor ratio of 14:1 in the field. We adhere to the American Birding Association’s Code of Ethics. Learn more at http://www.aba.org/about/ethics.html
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Warren Jowett
Warren Jowett is a naturalist, a skilled photographer and an experienced environmental educator accredited by the New Zealand Department of Conservation. He has a degree in botany and biogeography and has taught of biology and ecology. Warren is extremely knowledgeable about New Zealand’s native flora and fauna and enjoys leading Road Scholar participants in nature study excursions. He is the founding president of the New Zealand Association for Environmental Education.

Please note: This expert may not be available for every date of this program.

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Mel Galbraith
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Warren Jowett
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Keith Woodley
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