Springtime in the Ozarks
Spring is to the Ozarks as Mozart is to music — the best! Join us to learn about the region’s blooming orchestra of sights and sounds on this uniquely beautiful outdoor adventure.
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Program No. 1625RJ
6 days
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At a Glance

Spring in the Ozarks is an exhilarating adventure — a time to awaken the senses to the singsong of unique birds, the pageantry of flowers and grasses popping through the rich earth and nightly stargazing in the black skies for constellations. Discover and learn about the region’s tranquil beauty, rich biodiversity and clear streams as local experts lead you into the splendid highlands of the Ozark Plateau. Bring your binoculars for early morning wildlife and bird quests and hope for an evening glimpse of our friends — the insect-eating bats.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Learn how to identify the unique wildflowers and trees on expert-led forays of botanical discovery, such as the persimmon blossoms, dogwoods and chinquapin oaks.
  • Observe songbirds and critters in the huge forested tracks, home to the local Ozark long-eared bat, collared lizards and fish of the clear waters.
  • Scan the dark skies as you learn basic astronomy and the position of the constellations.