Choose Your Pace: Hiking in Downeast Maine

Get to know the Bold Coast of Maine through expert-led hikes and discover ancient petroglyphs, coastal ecosystems and unique wildlife while learning about this historic region.
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6 days
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13 meals
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Check-in, Registration, Orientation, Welcome Dinner
Trescott, Maine
Heartwood Lodge

Afternoon: Check into Heartwood Lodge from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. Your registration packet will be delivered to you by the Program Coordinator. There will be a meet 'n greet at 6:00 in the lobby at Heartwood Lodge.

Dinner: A delicious home-cooked dinner will be prepared and served at The Commons dining room.

Evening: After dinner, you will meet with your Maine guides for orientation and learn what you may expect for planned activities.

Campobello Island & FDR International Park
Trescott, Maine
Heartwood Lodge

Activity note: Please note that a U.S. Passport is required to enter Canada and visit Campobello Island.

Breakfast: Enjoy a delicious healthy home-cooked breakfast at The Commons.

Morning: Depart Heartwood via vans to Campobello Island, where you will hike the many varied trails around the scenic island. Our hikes this morning will on be on the Island and range from walks that are designated by classifications as easy, relatively easy, moderately difficult and most difficult. Among the very easy walks would be Duck Island View and would include a very short trail to a resting bench and scenic observation deck. Another easy trail would be a hike of 1.1 miles and be from Lower Duck Pond to Racoon Beach. This is a blazed flat trail through mostly open hardwoods. Relatively easy trails would include the Friar's Head trail. This trail is relatively flat, with a short upward incline to an stunning overlook. Another relatively easy trail is the Eagle HIll Bog. which includes a wooden walkway for an excellent opportunity to explore the bog and view the vegetation. Resting benches and interpretative panels make this a very relaxing visit. A third relatively easy trail would be from Fox Farm to Upper Duck Pond encompasses a lot of spruce-fir forest and small estuary. With three different smaller trails here, the are several opportunities of choice. The Cranberry Point to Fox Farm trail is another of these trails and includes lighthouse and coastal views.A moderately diifficult hike would be from the Tourist Centre to Fox Farm and includes hills and gullies and limited views. Most difficult would be the Raccoon Beach to The Sunsweep Sculpture and Liberty Point (2.4 miles) and includes lots of shore and forest. All hikes may include some parts of the whole. During most hikes, you will enjoy stunning coastal vistas of the rugged coastline overlooking Grand Manan. Expect to explore local flora and fauna, have the opportunity for sightings of lots of waterfowl species. IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: A U.S. Passport is required to enter Canada and visit Campobello Island.

Lunch: All groups will join for a picnic lunch at Herring Cove on the island.

Afternoon: While on Campobello Island, each hiking group will visit Roosevelt Cottage International Park, the summer home of the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt. We'll take time to tour the cottage, walk the gardens, view the historical exhibits. Folks may decide to include some of the hiking trails missed on the morning hikes. Others may wish to spend more time at the Roosevelt Park. Leaving the island, we will make time to stop at the Mulholland Point Light for a pretty special of Lubec (and may even hit Monica's Chocolate on our way back to the lodge).

Dinner: We'll partake of another delicious dinner prepared by our chef at The Commons.

Evening: Downeast Institute's Kyle Pepperman will take you on a journey through the incredible working being done to establish a sustainable fishery in the Gulf of Maine.

West Quoddy Head State Park
Trescott, Maine
Heartwood Lodge

Activity note: Visiting the West Quoddy Head State Park will afford us the opportunity to explore this extraordinary piece of land protecting Maine's coast at its easternmost edge. Join in for an early morning exercise that might be a walk on your own or more structured exercise program before breakfast.

Breakfast: Enjoy a health home-prepared breakfast at the Commons.

Morning: Depart from Heartwood Lodge via vans for West Quoddy Head State Park, located on the easternmost point of land in the Continental U.S. The West Quoddy Lighthouse is a stunning location to see the first rays of light in the country. The original tower of the lighthouse was built in 1808 under orders from President Thomas Jefferson. The lighthouse that stands today was built in 1858. The West Quoddy State Park includes 541 protected acres and boasts a treasure of approximately six different hikes, ranging from 3.7 miles to 1 miles. There's Gulliver Hole, High Ledge and Bog Trail, a 1.3 miles lightly trafficked loop trail which is appropriate for any level. The West Quoddy Head Lighthouse Trail is only 0.3 miles and is a nice add-on to other hikes. Green Point Trail (1.7 miles) is also moderately trafficked, along the rugged cliffs and longer than most. Thompson Trail is a 3.5 mile chance to see wildlife. Again, we will explore several options of these trails to combine the best for ability and interest level.

Lunch: Enjoy a healthy and hearty picnic lunch, either at the lighthouse picnic area or on the trail.

Afternoon: After lunch we'll explore the trails and scenic wonders that we may have missed during the morning hikes. You will also want to visit the lighthouse museum. Most of these trails are along the rugged coastline overlooking the Canadian islands of Grand Manan and Campobello Island. Expect spectacular views from all of the hikes.

Dinner: Enjoy an delicious supper with your new friends and counterparts at The Commons, served by our chef.

Evening: Optional Free Evening or Movie Night. Try to catch our night sky. It is marvelous.

Head Harbor Passage aboard the lobster boat, Pier Pressure.
Trescott, Maine
Heartwood Lodge

Activity note: Exlporing the waters of Head Harbor Passage, surrounding Eastport's Moose Island. Early morning exercise will include yoga, TaiChi, walking or meditation. After our sea trip, we will all spend some in the small coast town of Eastport.

Breakfast: Enjoy a healthy home-prepared breakfast at The Commons

Morning: We'll head for Eastport's breakwater, departing for a trip aboard a lobster boat. The captain and crew will head out Head Harbor Passage for a visit with the abundant pelagic birds and marine mammals. You will surely see seals and porpoise and don't be surprised if we encounter a whale or two. We'll also be checking out a few lobster traps before heading into the harbor.

Lunch: Enjoy lunch on your own in the scenic waterfront city of Eastport.

Afternoon: After enjoying a leisurely lunch and checking out the treasures this small sea coast city has to offer. You will be able to enjoy some time on your own after our Eastport excursion.

Dinner: Enjoy an intimate atmosphere and delicious food with our super chef. Share the discoveries of the day with your fellow hikers.

Evening: Live entertainment with our favorite local musicians.

Hamilton Cove, Boot Head, Bog Brook & Western Head Preserves
Trescott, Maine
Heartwood Lodge

Activity note: Hiking land trust treasures. Explore the best of Maine's Bold Coast. The lands we will explore are preserves of the Maine Coast Heritage Trust. They are all fantastic pieces of land saved by the trust for our use. Today, we will narrow down the exercise choices for those who are still getting up before breakfast.

Breakfast: Enjoy a healthy breakfast prepared by chef our own special cook..

Morning: Western Head Preserve, managed by Maine Coast Heritage Trust, is a remarkably beautiful headland with rolling inland terrain and steep massive cliffs along the shore. This 247 acre parcel was once slated to become a 32 lot subdivision, instead was purchased by MCHT, to preserve this glacially sculpted treasure. There are a couple of hikes here that can be separated into shorter, less difficult terrain. There will be choices. Another choice for this morning will be the Bog Brook Preserve, a wonderful mist of beautiful cobble beaches, rocky headlands and blueberry fields. There are two separate parking lots here allowing us to access different areas of the preserve. Fall foliage is generally at peak in early October, so prepare yourself for a splendid color backdrop.

Lunch: Enjoy a picnic lunch at one of the preserves or go back to the lodge to rest and regroup.

Afternoon: Hamilton Cove Preserve embodies the ruggerd character that give Maine's Bold Coast its name. the 1250 acre preserve provides opportunities to experience some of Main's most remote and wild terrains--cobble beaches, sheer cliffs and rocky promontories. There remains traces of an old mill, with a shipyard near Benny's Mountain.Extensive rocky and grassland barrens which encourage wildlife.Again, we can split up for differing abilities and interest. Also, we hope to explore Boot Head Preserve, known for its steep cliffs, ravines and cobble beaches. Along the exposed coastal headlands, spruce and fir trees are stunted by frequent salt spray and strong winds. An inland spruce-fir forest with areas of forested bog and cedar swamp dominates inland portions of the property. Coastal raised peatlands are uncommon worldwide. and in the U.S. are found only in Maine. They may be up to 9,000 years old and boast a lot of unusual plants. Again, with this piece of property, we will have choices for lengths and difficulty of the terrain.

Dinner: Enjoy a DownEast Lobster Feast.

Evening: Graduation festivities.

Program Concludes
Trescott, Maine

Breakfast: Enjoy a hearty breakfast of Maine's blueberry pancakes.

Morning: Explore the historic seaside village of Lubec on your own, catching all of those nooks and crannies to which you were introduced, but never had the time to investigate.

Afternoon: Have a safe journey home.

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