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The Spying Game — Cambridge Five to the Cold War: A QM2 Voyage

Discover a world of espionage, cryptology, undercover agents and Cold War intrigue as you gain expert insight into British spy history with author and intelligence expert Nigel West.
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Immerse yourself in the shadowy underworld of international espionage with renowned author and intelligence expert Nigel West. Learn the truth behind the acronyms of the CIA, SOE, NKVD and KGB, as well as the role of “sleeper agents,” the secret VENONA project and the race for atomic power. Aboard the elite Queen Mary 2, gain intimate vantages into the post-World War II geopolitical, ideological and economic struggles that shaped the world today.

Best of all, you'll ...

  • Gain expert insight into Yalta, the Manhattan Project and the greatest secret of the Cold War: VENONA.
  • Explore Bletchley Park, home to the Enigma machine and historic headquarters of secret British code breaking in World War II.
  • Learn how a group of undergraduates became a famous Soviet spy ring at colleges associated with the Cambridge Five.
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The Cold War (Cambridge Perspectives in History)
by Mike Sewell
Deceiving the Deceivers: Kim Philby, Donald Maclean and Guy Burgess
by S.J.Hamrick
The Hidden Hand: Britain, America and Cold War Secret Intelligence
by Richard J. Aldrich
Essential reading not only for intelligence specialists but for everyone interested in the Cold War and British-American relations
Mask: MI5's Penetration of the Communist Party of Great Britain
by Nigel West
The Spying Game
by Michael Smith
Espionage exerts a hold on the public imagination. "The Spying Game" covers economic intelligence and the fight against organised crime as well as the activities of MI5, MI6, the Defence Intelligence Staff and GCHQ.
The Cambridge Spies: Untold Story of Maclean, Philby and Burgess in America
by Verne W. Newton
My Silent War
by Kim Philby
At Her Majesty's Secret Service: The Chiefs of Britain's Intelligence Agency, MI6
by Nigel West
This is the story of the heads of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service. It contains numerous anecdotes and is fully up to date, and is written by acclaimed author and intelligence expert Nigel West. This remarkable book tells the story of that role, from Smith-Cumming to Scarlett, and each of the other twelve C's in between. For the first 85 years of the SIS, known variously as 'the firm', 'the funnies' and, within the Foreign Office, 'the friends', its existence and the identity of its Chief were subject to the strictest secrecy. Its only official recognition was the wartime designation MI6, by which the service continues to be commonly known today.
Philby: KGB Masterspy
by Philip Knightley
The Mitrokhin Archive II: The KGB and the World
by Christopher Andrew
Historical Dictionary of British Intelligence (Historical Dictionaries of Intelligence and Counterintelligence)
by Nigel West
The Cold War: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)
by Robert J McMahon
On Her Majesty's Secret Service: The Chiefs of Britain's Intelligence Agency, MI6
by Nigel West
Secret Intelligence: A Reader
by Christopher Andrew, Richard Aldrich, Wesley Wark (editors)
This Reader in the field of intelligence studies focuses on policy, blending classic works on concepts and approaches with more recent essays dealing with current issues and the ongoing debate about the future of intelligence. The subject of secret intelligence has never enjoyed a higher profile. The terrorist attacks of 9/11, Madrid and London, the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, the missing WMD, public debates over prisoner interrogation, and new domestic security regulations have all contributed to make this a 'hot' subject over the past decade.Aiming to be more comprehensive than existing books, and to achieve truly international coverage of the field, this book provides key readings and supporting material for students and course convenors. It is divided into four main sections, each of which includes full summaries of each article, further reading suggestions, and student questions: the intelligence cycle Intelligence, counter-terrorism and security ethics, accountability and control intelligence and the new warfare.

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